About Us

B&B Web is a merger of 3 successful B&B websites in different countries to form a truly global B&B site.

New Zealand

In New Zealand www.bnb.co.nz was started by Jim Thomas 1994, and is the largest and most popular B&B site in New Zealand. www.bnb.co.nz also produces The New Zealand Bed & Breakfast Book which has been published since 1987, and is also New Zealand's largest and post popular B&B publication. Jim and his wife Jan operated a B&B for 10 years until The B&B Book and website took over their business lives. Jim still manages the web site and book, assisted by his daughter Elizabeth.


In Australia www.bbbook.com has been online since 1994, and The Australian Bed & Breakfast Book has been published since 1989. Carl Southern who has owned luxury B&Bs in Sydney and Coffs Harbour, NSW manages the book and website.


In USA www.1bbweb.com with more than 5000 listings, mostly in USA, when it acquired the membership of the Australian and New Zealand websites. It now has a membership of 6000 and is growing daily. It is managed in USA by Matthew Black.


started In UK in March 2008 with no members and now has several hundred. Anne Tweddle is the manager of the website in UK. She is a skilled administrator and salesperson.