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    Shesh Mahal (Hall of Mirrors)

    This is part of the Amber Fort complex, but it would rate as the single best site within the fort. It is a large hall full of stained glass, mirrors and glass, all reflecting in different angles and absolutely beautiful to look at.

    This is a truly mind blowing Sikh Temple. You can feel the peace and calmness of the place as you wander around barefoot. It's an easy walk from the Patel Chowk metro station.


    Murugan Temple

    This temple is close to the lake. Visitors to Yelagiri drop in here and pray to Lord Murugan – the God of the Hills and the Tamils.


    The Green KLCC Tower

    The Petronas Twin Tower turns Green during the Earth Hour

    Nazvilla Cottage Sepang

    Horse Riding at Dengkil Selangor

    Horse Riding!

    Nazvilla Cottage Sepang

    Places To Eat

    Nibs the Chocolate Workshop

    Some of the best coffee I've had in India. The cakes are great as are the milkshakes. It gets very busy during peak times so finding a place to sit can often be an issue.

    Really tasty Italian food on a rooftop setting. Quite hard to find as it's off the main road. Lovely homemade pasta and authentic pizzas. I was told it was the first Italian restaurant in Jaipur.


    Jal Mahal (meaning "Water Palace") is a palace located in the middle of the Man Sagar Lake in Jaipur. The food is amazing as is the service. Awesome decor and the magic of live music,


    This is the best restaurant in the complex. Elegant and delicate food cooked with passion and quality. Perfect staff, attentive but not pushy, as is the case with many places in Delhi.


    This is a top-notch restaurant, providing excellent Indian food in lovely surroundings. The thali (tasting platter) has every scrumptious south Indian delicacy a chef can put on your plate.


    Traveller Tips

    14 Hair Pin Bends

    14 Hair Pin Bends can be found while scaling the Yelagiri Hills on the Ghat Road from Ponneri. Named after famous Tamil personalities, the site offers a pictorial view of the plains below.


    Swamimalai Trek

    The highest peak around and the best place to go on a lovely trek is Swamimalai. It's an easy trek along a muddy path starting from Mangalam village. It is about 3 kilometers long and pretty scenic too. Most visitors to Yelagiri Hills, who have trekking in mind, often climb up Swamimalai.


    Dehli Belly!

    DO NOT eat mangoes at the side of the road however delicious and amazing they look. I live to tell this tale (just)!!

    Laura Thomas

    Facts about Asia

    Jantar Mantar is the worlds largest Sundial

    Jantar Mantar is the largest sun dial in the world, accurate to within 2 seconds. At the same site there are other astronomical instruments on a large scale built nearly three hundred years ago.


    Yelagiri an emerging weekend destination

    Gone are the days when this little virgin hill station popularly known as ‘ The Poor Man’s Ootty’ needed an introduction. Situated in Vellore Dt, TN, 220 Kms from Chennai and 150 kms from Bangalore, today this little hill has become the favorite weekend destination of the Bangaloreans and Chennaites, thanks to the ‘Golden Quadrilateral’ highway network between Chennai and Bangalore that is further developing into a six lane super highway.
    Just deviate from this highway at Vaniyambadi and drive up to Ponneri from where the ghat road ( 17 Kms from Vaniyambadi) with 14 hairpin bends leads you to the beautiful, unexploited nature … Yelagiri.


    The Historical Melaka

    The UNESCO Historical Site of Melaka is about One and half hour drive from Kuala Lumpur. One of the interesting places to visit while you are in Melaka is the Mini Malaysia, where you can find an actual size replica of the Traditional Wooden houses in Malaysia.

    Nazvilla Cottage Sepang

    Getting About in Anjuna

    Renting a scooter is a wonderful way of getting around here. Be aware that the only road law is to give way to all cows!

    Laura Thomas

    Yoga Retreats

    Anjuna on the northern tip of Goa is famous for people in search of the hippy in them. There are many yoga retreats. This place swells in the dry season so booking is recommended.

    Laura Thomas


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