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    The Historical Melaka

    The UNESCO Historical Site of Melaka is about One and half hour drive from Kuala Lumpur. One of the interesting places to visit while you are in Melaka is the Mini Malaysia, where you can find an actual size replica of the Traditional Wooden houses in Malaysia.

    Nazvilla Cottage Sepang

    Getting About in Anjuna

    Renting a scooter is a wonderful way of getting around here. Be aware that the only road law is to give way to all cows!

    Laura Thomas

    Yoga Retreats

    Anjuna on the northern tip of Goa is famous for people in search of the hippy in them. There are many yoga retreats. This place swells in the dry season so booking is recommended.

    Laura Thomas

    Oldest Palaces of Rajasthan

    Some of India's oldest Palaces are in Jaipur the capital of Rajasthan. If your into architecture like I am then it is well worth the visit.

    Laura Thomas


    The Green KLCC Tower

    Nazvilla Cottage Sepang

    The Petronas Twin Tower turns Green during the Earth Hour

    Horse Riding at Dengkil Selangor

    Horse Riding!

    Nazvilla Cottage Sepang

    Batu Caves Selangor

    Nice and healthy walk climbing up the 300 steps!

    Nazvilla Cottage Sepang

    Petaling Street and KLCC

    Wonderful Place to drop by!:)

    Nazvilla Cottage Sepang

    Elephanta Island

    This island is in the harbour of Mumbai accessed by ferry leaving from the Gateway of India. The island is a conglomeration of complex temple structures and worth a look. Careful of the monkeys though - they might steal your lunch!

    Laura Thomas

    Places To Eat

    Bombay Palace

    The best Indian cuisine in town with the royal touch!

    Shopping Mall Airport

    A wonderful place to eat as you have the most variety of food here :)

    Nazvilla Cottage Sepang

    Traveller Tips

    Dehli Belly!

    DO NOT eat mangoes at the side of the road however delicious and amazing they look. I live to tell this tale (just)!!

    Laura Thomas


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