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    "The quiet part of the Bay"

    The sleepy little seaside village of Soldiers Point is regarded by locals and regular Sydney visitors as the "quiet part of the Bay'...especially around Christmas/New Year & Easter holiday times..!

    Chris Hogan

    Meter Maids

    Meter Maids have been part of the Surfers Paradise culture since 1965 where they would feed coins into expired parking meters and are now a huge tourist attraction. The Meter maid girls are always friendly and always willing to take a photo.



    Everitt Park/Soldiers Point Marina

    Chris Hogan

    Right at the tip of Sunset Beach is Everitt Park & Soldiers Point marina. As the name suggests, fabulous sunsets and great fishing.
    Small run-abouts right up to large boats can be hired for a day out
    on the renowed pristine waterways

    Glenelg Tram

    The tram is a fum and cheap way to see much of Adelaide. It is worth taking a ride to Glenelg for a coffe or lunch, and the taking the tram back to the city where you can hop off and on near any attraction you want to. All day ticket is only a few dollars.


    This short walk about 17 km west of Apollo Bay is great to stretch your legs. About 30 min long through lovely rainforest. It is also worth a trip at night to see the glow worms. No need to do the whole walk. Take a torch and go s few metres along the track and turn the torch off.


    You can't "do your own thing" to see the penguin parade. It is necessarily an unavoidable commercialised process. But it is worth doing in spite of this. The thrill of seeing so many littlepenguins making their way to their nests only inces from you has to be experienced. Ask when buying tickets for the best place to sit. Some places will see more from a distance, others will see fewer, but up really close.


    Mornigton Racecourse Market

    Excellent market. Sundays 9.00 to 2.00. There seems to be a policy of only locally made goods, so no imported rubbish. It isn't a large market and it isn't crowded. Lots of good food.


    Places To Eat

    "The Point Restaurant"

    Regarded by locals and visitors as the best seafood restaurant in the Bay area..

    Located opposite the beach, a lovely setting for breakfast, lunch or dinner or a nice casual weekend brunch. The food is amazing and the service is wonderful.


    Black Angus Bar and Grill Restaurant

    Black Angus is an amazing place in Sanctuary Cove, overlooking the Marina. The steak is so scrumptious. You can choose your own cut and type of steak and then choose to cook in on a stonegrill to your liking. But not only are the steaks amazing, everything else is superb, from entrees to the dessert. Although a little on the more pricey side of things, well worth it.


    Traveller Tips

    Public Transport

    If staying on the Gold Coast, purchasing a SEEQ card is a fantastic idea, especially for tourists. It is prepaid and can be purchased at 7-eleven stores, train stations, selected tourist information desks and newsagents.Also online at www.translink.com.au. The card entitles passengers to go on all trains, buses and the new tram within Gold Coast.



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