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    Oldest yet finest

    It's no wonder the wines here are great - the Barossa Valley is one of Australia's oldest wine producing regions, and one of the world's finest. You'll be spoilt for choice amongst the 150 wineries there, I know I was!


    Burning of the Vines

    Many wineries often host “burning of the vine cuttings” bonfires to celebrate a successful year of growing and production. This is a traditional way to celebrate the end of the wine growing season.

    Daniel Valaperta

    Wineries Galore

    From the early 1800s to 1840 there were over 500 acres of vineyards registered in Hunter Valley! Now days there are over 150 wineries and the area also produces cheeses, olives and olive oil - perfect for people who love Italian food as much as I do.

    Daniel Valaperta

    World's most dangerous bird.

    The Cairns region is home to the world's most dangerous bird, the Cassowary, which is a large, flightless bird known for being able to kill dogs and humans if disturbed.


    NZ vs Australia

    As a Kiwi, it was interesting to learn about when the New Zealand flag stood beside the Australian flag on top of the Harbour Bridge. Rumour has it that the Australian flag was a bit taller, so when a bronze statue depicting a New Zealand World War One soldier was unveiled nearby, he had been built two inches taller than the Australian World War One soldier statue that stood next to him!




    Wineries of course. Choose any and stsrt from there.

    Jacob's Creek Visitor Centre

    We did two activities here, a vineyard tour and our own bike around with bikes hired from the visitor centre. Our guide was very knowledgeable and we got to taste seven wines and learn about the "sensory evaluation process". I know everyone has different tastes, but you have to try the moscato.
    We took the Jack Bobridge Bike Trail the next day, it was great riding through the vineyards at our own pace. A peaceful experience.


    Eagles Heritage Wildlife Centre

    It was great to see so many beautiful birds being looked after and properly cared for here. We took an hour long tour around the park, pausing for a bit for the show. My favourite part was getting to have an owl perch on my arm, and the raptors really put on a show for us.

    Daniel Valaperta

    Amaze'n Margaret River

    10/10 - would get lost again! I put my terrible direction skills to the test and had a blast doing it. There are a few mazes to choose from along with the large main maze. I recommend the "left hand turn" maze. There are also botanic gardens to view and a cafe with coffee and a light lunch available.

    Daniel Valaperta

    There are three popular caves to visit; Lake, Jewel and Mammoth. We did a tour of Lake Cave, the deepest of the three. Our guide was really knowledgeable about the formation, history and geology of the cave, and we were treated to a spectacular light show as well. While amazing, it was a bit daunting to see the "suspended table" weighing about 5 toes and defying gravity above the lake.

    Daniel Valaperta

    Places To Eat

    1918 Bistro and Grill

    Hence the name, the building was built in 1918. Even before we went inside I was convinced this would be a great place to eat, even just to take in the beauty of the place. It was obvious the chef took great pride in the food we were presented with. I didn't want to eat the Baileys and scorched almond ice cream sundae without taking a photo of it first!

    We visited here with our friends, who couldn't stop raving about it. Feeling adventurous, we all had a five course meal and the staff recommended some great wines to match. Despite feeling like I would burst afterwards, it wasn't as hard on the wallet as I thought it would be. Our friends were right about this place, no wonder they're regulars.


    Miranda Restaurant

    Rustic and romantic. We stopped by for lunch and were convinced to stay by the delicious smells coming from the kitchen - Italian - yum! With our pizza napoli and beef ragu we sat back and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the vines around the restaurant.


    The Larder Margaret River Restaurant

    This place caught our eye while walking - it was early evening and we weren't sure whether to eat out or make something for ourselves. Turns out the Larder is the best of both worlds! A number of take-away meals were available, in the end we chose pumpkin and almond ravioli and the Margaret River Venison shepherd’s pie. Both were delicious as we ate them back on the banks of the river.

    Daniel Valaperta

    We stopped in here for a few drinks and some tapas, drawn in by the lively atmosphere and cheerful banter going on around us. It's named "Morries Anytime" because it's the only all-day, any time eatery/restaurant/pub/cocktail bar in Margaret River.

    Daniel Valaperta

    Traveller Tips

    National Park Passes

    We found out all National Parks in Western Australia require a pass to get in. You can get passes that last for a day, four weeks or a year. The day pass was only $10 a car, so we were happy to pay that a few times knowing it helps maintain all the parks and conserves the creatures that live there.

    Daniel Valaperta

    Public Transport

    If staying on the Gold Coast, purchasing a SEEQ card is a fantastic idea, especially for tourists. It is prepaid and can be purchased at 7-eleven stores, train stations, selected tourist information desks and newsagents.Also online at www.translink.com.au. The card entitles passengers to go on all trains, buses and the new tram within Gold Coast.



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