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    Taronga Zoo

    Our Taronga Zoo visit was great, we watched a lot of the animals getting fed - the gorillas were particularly amusing, having play fights and showing off to the spectators. It was easy to get there via ferry, plus the zoo was laid out with an easy to follow route.

    Luna Park

    This place was a lot of fun. Though it's an older amusement park, it's beautifully presented and well maintained. I'd recommend the roller coaster and the ferris wheel for wonderful views of the harbour and bridge.


    Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

    Being scared of heights I was pretty nervous, but this turned out to be one of the best things we did in Sydney! Ash was our climb leader; she started by getting to know us all (there were about 10 people in our group) and encouraged us to talk to each other about ourselves while we put our suits and harnesses on.
    For me, the first bit was definitely the scariest! We had to climb under the bridge along wooden planks and gangways, then up metal railing-type ladders even higher (eek) to get onto the proper bridge archway.
    From then on, I felt totally ok. The archway was quite wide and had railings on either side that we were secured to. On the way up Ash told us all about the building of the bridge and the history of the surrounding area. Of course the views were spectacular.
    The overall experience took around three hours – money well spent! I highly recommend doing the climb, even if you are afraid of heights. You’ll get great views, learn new and interesting things, meet awesome people and have a fantastic time.


    Harbour ferries

    The ferries are Sydney's best, and best value attraction. Ask about all day tickets, and you can hop on and off at the various stops around the harbour. Foe instance, stroll up to Mosman for great cafes and shopping. Manly for a stroll along the beach. Choose any stop and just look at the houses. A really fun way to get to know the city.


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    The Tea Cosy

    Tucked in the back of an Irish shop in a the gorgeous heritage area of the Rocks, The Tea Cozy serve a good old-fashioned Devonshire tea, with loose leaf tea in vintage teapots (including cosy of course!), and fresh homemade scones with regional gourmet jam.

    The Glenmore Restaurant

    What a beautiful place! A multi-level restaurant with an interesting history. If you order something, you won't be disappointed by the Glenmore Burger, especially if you get a table on the rooftop.


    Feeling adventurous, Jamie and I ventured into Thai Pothong for lunch. I had a stir-fry and Jamie ordered curry - both thoroughly enjoying them even though we had both never really eaten Thai/Asian that much. The place had a wonderful, warm atmosphere, fueled by people around us who were also clearly enjoying themselves.


    Captain Cook Dinner Cruises

    Jamie and I went on the Sunset Cruise - a 1.5 hour trip around the Harbour, a two course meal and live music. What a great experience! The views were amazing, especially from our window seat while the sun was setting. We both had the stuffed chicken breast with potato rosti and enjoyed a cheesecake for dessert. For $85 each, it was pretty good value and we were taken care of well by the friendly staff.


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    NZ vs Australia

    As a Kiwi, it was interesting to learn about when the New Zealand flag stood beside the Australian flag on top of the Harbour Bridge. Rumour has it that the Australian flag was a bit taller, so when a bronze statue depicting a New Zealand World War One soldier was unveiled nearby, he had been built two inches taller than the Australian World War One soldier statue that stood next to him!



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