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    Photos of Cambodia


    Backstreet Academy

    These guys bring together local craftsmen and tourists for fun-filled arts n craft classes. Its worth going if you want to learn how to make some Cambodian craft. Allow at least two hours.

    There are no words to describe the beauty of Angkor Wat Temples. 250sq miles of structures that just boggle the mind and senses. Hundreds of years in the making honoring religions, deities and kings.


    These guys offer a genuine insight into the lives of the animals they save and protect, and with our deeply knowledgeable guide I came away excited that the animals have such a team of advocates on their side.


    Very sad and haunting experience, but definitely worth a visit. The site is informative and appropriately respectful of the genocide that occurred here, although visitors may find it overwhelming as bones and clothing of prisoners are still being unearthed by rain and litter the site. The guides are exceptionally knowledgeable and speak excellent English.


    Places To Eat


    The best Khmer food I had in Siem Reap, served in a wonderful garden that makes you forget that you are in a busy and loud city. Great food and perfect service. Not too close to downtown but easy enough to get to.

    Tucked away in the back streets, it is probably a wise idea to take a tuk-tuk there as it was a bit tricky to find in the dark. It's worth finding as the food is incredible and the staff are so friendly.


    In a word fantastic. Location, superb. Caters for Eastern and western tastes. Staff really amazing, friendly and good sense of humor. Wonderful atmosphere. Highly recommend.


    A training restaurant with very high standards. The food here is excellent Khmer cuisine and the service was impeccable. I love the fact that my money is going to a good cause.


    This is a great restaurant. The food was extremely tasty and the service was good. They also have nice cocktails. A must if you are in Phnom Penh.


    Traveller Tips

    Explore Phnom Kulen National Park

    This place is a world of it's own. About 50 km from Siem Reap and up a mountain. But once in the park, the giant carved reclining Buddha and swimming at the waterfall are worth the ride.


    Check out the Royal Palace

    The Royal Palace is comprised of a number of different buildings and monuments, all surrounded by lush gardens. It's a nice place to walk around and admire the lavish architecture of the khmer culture.



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