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    Fishing Tremblant

    We all went on a 4 hour fishing trip with Martin (tour guide) and had a great time. I managed to hook a trout, the others caught bass and salmon - a good collection for dinner! It was interesting learning the techniques... turns out there's more to fishing than putting a line in the water!

    Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens

    Beautifully presented and peaceful, we took a great walk around here. There was a woman playing the flute while we were there, so it was good to have some music as we explored.

    Danny V.

    Cham Shan Temple

    And now for something completely different! This 7 level temple is a wonderful and peaceful place to explore. It's filled with Buddhist arts and artifacts which are talked about in the free tour. Highly recommend, especially if you want to get away from the tourists and enjoy some peace and quiet.


    Niagara Falls

    You can't miss this one! The falls themselves are spectacular - the sound of the water plummeting over is something you have to hear (and see) to believe. There are fireworks every weekend in summer and there are a number of tourist attractions that take you closer to the falls. We went on the Maid of the Mist tour, one of the oldest attractions around the falls. It is a beautiful sight to behold, but be ready to get wet!


    Royal Ontario Museum

    This is just stunning! There are so many places and tings to explore, and amazing exhibitions and galleries filled with wonders of the world and ancient artifacts. Natural history, science, culture, space... everything was interesting and informative.


    Places To Eat

    Creperie Catherine

    This place is so beautiful and homely. The crepes here are just divine... especially the Nutella one I had! Be prepared to pay a bit more, but the taste and size of the crepes make it worth it.

    Microbrasserie Saint-Arnould

    After a day at the circuit we came here for a beer and a hearty meal. Lucky none of us were driving as we ended up trying so many delicious craft beers! We played pool for a bit then for dinner I had ribs and fries, the others enjoyed pizza and hamburgers. the staff were so nice and happy to suggest great drinks according to our tastes.


    Pearle's in Paradise

    Though a bit out of the way, we stopped by here for an ice cream on the way to the Valley. The servings are both generous and delicious! The restaurant is quaint and friendly, inside and outside dining available.

    Danny V.

    German Bakery Sachsen

    We wandered in here after exploring the historic gardens. Heidi and Dieter were wonderful hosts, we even got a strudel demonstration while we enjoyed an afternoon tea of danishes and shortbread.

    Danny V.

    Napoli Ristorante & Pizzeria

    It's difficult to find authentic, delicious Italian sometimes, but Napoli was one of the best yet! The pizzas had a wonderful thin crust and weren't too overflowing with toppings. The restaurant itself was reminiscent of Italy and there were a number of beautiful pictures hanging of landscapes and people I assumed were family members.


    Traveller Tips

    For lovers of autumn/fall

    If sight-seeing is high up on your to-do list, make sure you visit Mont-Tremblant in the autumn/fall months of September, October and November. The trees in the hills and mountains nearby are beautiful when changing colour with the seasons.


    Drum Jam at Mont (Mount) Royal

    Mount-Royal is a nice park which is an extinct volcano. Heaps of walks and green areas and there is also the famous drum jam on Sundays.


    Visit Victoria Park

    This is a nice 160 acre park downtown near the water. It has a playground and restrooms.


    You must walk along The Niagara Parks Garden Trail

    Whether you choose to walk, jog, bike, etc this is a wonderful miles long pathway with many breathtaking and unique views.


    Explore The Inner Harbour

    This is an incredible harbour. It's very busy and is surrounded on three sides by grand hotels, the Provincial Legislature and the museum.


    Facts about Canada

    The Trembling Mountain

    Local Algonquins referred to the mountain as the "trembling mountain," which is how Mont Tremblant got its name.

    Kyrsten Wetzel

    Small town, kind people

    With a population of around 500 people, it really is a small world here! Everyone is very kind and helpful.

    Danny V.


    The Niagara falls are three waterfalls that straddle the border between Canada and the USA. Though it's illegal for people to jump over, the first person to go over in a barrel as a publicity stunt was a 63 year old woman!


    Something old, something new

    Quebec City is home to the oldest grocery store in North America - J.A. Moisan Epicier dates back to 1871. It's ok, none of the food is that old!


    Halifax International Busker Festival

    This is held every year in August and is the largest festival of its kind in Canada. Artists come from all over the world to perform.



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