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    Halifax International Busker Festival

    This is held every year in August and is the largest festival of its kind in Canada. Artists come from all over the world to perform.


    Tax and tip

    If you're not from North America or a tipping country it takes a bit of getting used to, also where you're supposed to tip! Standard tip is 20% of the bill, you have to in restaurants obviously but also for services like haircuts or nail services (which you're technically paying only for the service to begin with). All the prices shown in stores exclude tax so when you get to the checkout it's always more than what you were thinking.

    Deborah Jones

    Very rainy

    Vancouver has the most mild climate of all the cities in Canada, downtown you won't find much snow but you will see a lot of rain! On the bright side, it's not too windy so umbrellas are a useful staple. You can pick up a cheap one from many shops along Robson street, the main shopping street.

    Deborah Jones

    Most multicultural city

    35% of Vancouver's population are foreign born which is the highest figure in the world

    Deborah Jones


    Halifax Citadel

    Not only are there spectacular views of Halifax and a noon cannon fire, but a fantastic museum and wonderful hosts. We thought it would be fun to try the "soldier for a day" experience, and it was awesome! We went back in time and were dressed in authentic uniform before doing foot drills and learning to shoot the original rifles. We took a tour around the Citadel rooms and tunnels - it was truly amazing pretending to be back in the 1800s and receiving our "pay" of a Queen;s shilling.

    Emera Oval

    Apart from n movies, I had never seen an outside skating area nor been on one. It was just as magical as I imagined it to be! It was delightful to see smiling people having a great time and helping each other out when falls occurred. Entry and skate hire are free as well.


    H.M.C.S. Sackville

    Beautifully restored, this ship is full of interesting WWII history. Watch out for mannequins around every corner, they will give you a fright and you will apologize if you bump into them because you think you've bumped into a person. Check out the difference between the living quarters of the soldiers versus the captain!


    Fishing Tremblant

    We all went on a 4 hour fishing trip with Martin (tour guide) and had a great time. I managed to hook a trout, the others caught bass and salmon - a good collection for dinner! It was interesting learning the techniques... turns out there's more to fishing than putting a line in the water!


    Circuit Mont Tremblant

    I'm a massive car fan, and when I was told we were going to an open day at Le Circuit, I almost died from excitement! Little did I know, Jack had arranged for me to drive his Toyota Supra around the track... long story short, that was probably my favourite day of the Canada trip. I also got the fastest time of the day out of all the women! Unfortunately the Supra couldn't keep up with the Lambo and Audi R8 a couple of guys had brought, but kept up pretty well.


    Places To Eat

    Bistro le Coq

    Amusing name aside, I had to add this one and rave about the steak. Perfectly cooked, succulent, tender, melt in your mouth steak. Accompanied by caramelised shallots and fries. Yep. Just try it for yourself and you'll agree.

    Sweet Hereafter

    Oh man, don't come here if you're on a diet! This is truly cheesecake heaven. We did come back a few times for dessert, all the cheesecakes we tried were deliciously delectable without being too rich. Kit Kat, black forest, lemon/lime, Boston cream... mmmm


    Da Maurizio Dining Room

    A delicious and cute Italian restaurant in the middle of Halifax. For $39 you can get an appetizer, entree and dessert, which is great value as well as being tasty. The husband and wife that run it are really sweet and are dedicated to providing quality meals.


    Microbrasserie Saint-Arnould

    After a day at the circuit we came here for a beer and a hearty meal. Lucky none of us were driving as we ended up trying so many delicious craft beers! We played pool for a bit then for dinner I had ribs and fries, the others enjoyed pizza and hamburgers. the staff were so nice and happy to suggest great drinks according to our tastes.


    La Savoie Restaurant

    This was a fun dinner, and an interesting experience as I had never had/cooked fondue before. The staff were very helpful and patient. Along with the beef mignon, we went away very happy and very full!


    Traveller Tips

    For lovers of autumn/fall

    If sight-seeing is high up on your to-do list, make sure you visit Mont-Tremblant in the autumn/fall months of September, October and November. The trees in the hills and mountains nearby are beautiful when changing colour with the seasons.



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