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    Tax and tip

    If you're not from North America or a tipping country it takes a bit of getting used to, also where you're supposed to tip! Standard tip is 20% of the bill, you have to in restaurants obviously but also for services like haircuts or nail services (which you're technically paying only for the service to begin with). All the prices shown in stores exclude tax so when you get to the checkout it's always more than what you were thinking.

    Deborah Jones

    Very rainy

    Vancouver has the most mild climate of all the cities in Canada, downtown you won't find much snow but you will see a lot of rain! On the bright side, it's not too windy so umbrellas are a useful staple. You can pick up a cheap one from many shops along Robson street, the main shopping street.

    Deborah Jones

    Most multicultural city

    35% of Vancouver's population are foreign born which is the highest figure in the world

    Deborah Jones


    Whistler & Blackcomb mountain

    The famous whistler mountain doesn't need much of a description, it's an obvious destination of choice if you're planning on visiting BC. Whistler and Blackcomb combined offer days of exploring all the runs and the peak 2 peak gondola has breathtaking views. Like all the big mountains, there are a variety of activities to suit everyone's capabilities and a good ski school for all ages. Because of its size you will want to stay a few days.

    A great mountain to visit for all your winter sports. They have a fun track for the kids to go tubing and a nice little village with restaurants and shops. Lots of 'ski in, ski out' accommodation available on the mountain too. Would visit again.

    Deborah Jones

    The Botanical Gardens are said to be one of the most beautiful in the world. The greenhouses are amazing and it is possible to spend days in these alone. The whole gardens are a perfect place to spend several summer days.


    Saint Benedict Abbey is a very peaceful place, whether you are religious or not. The atmosphere is calm, and if you are there when the monks are chanting there mass it is very soothing. Highly recommended.


    The Old City is such a genuine piece of history that you need days to explore it. It is the closes you will get to old Europe without actually going there. Don't die until you have seen Lower Town.


    Places To Eat

    Chill Winston

    A very 'cool' restaurant that has a menu of organics and locally grown or raised food. Specialty cocktails that you wouldn't find in your standard restaurant. A great place for a special night out.

    Yaletown brewing company

    Nice casual dining, good fresh beer, food and service (most of the time). They often have the hockey on if there's a game so bear that in mind. A great place to go and chill out with some friends or for a causal dinner out.

    Deborah Jones

    Earls is a chain dine in restaurant and there are loads dotted around the city. For a chain, the menu is large and the food is tasty, the cocktails are always good and reasonably priced. Service is a bit OTT but they're just trying to earn their tips. Remember when you're looking at the menu, do keep in mind the prices shown exclude tax and a tip so go prepared to do some calculating.

    Deborah Jones

    Japanese restaurant, great for take out, you can dine in but it's not flash. Delicious crispy tempura meals and noodle dishes, everything on their menu is really tasty. They don't do much in the way of sushi but have all the other Japanese favorites and they do them so well. Cute and friendly servers make it an all round winner.

    Deborah Jones


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