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    Big white ski resort

    A great mountain to visit for all your winter sports. They have a fun track for the kids to go tubing and a nice little village with restaurants and shops. Lots of 'ski in, ski out' accommodation available on the mountain too. Would visit again.

    Held on a weekend in the middle of September, the Fall fair is a great outing. The best entertainment is all the local color. Produce and animal displays such as vegetables, eggs, pigs chickens are delightful. The talks by local experts on such things as poultry raising, pickling, etc are a hoot. The fair is like stepping back in time 50 years, and the wonderful thing is that it is all genuine. It is what they do on Salt Spring.


    Tsawout Indian Reserve

    The Tsawout Reserve has the most beautiful beach on Salt Spring Island. An additional beautiful thing is the sigh welcoming visitors. While almost ALL of the seafront on Sal Spring Island is provately owned, preventing public access, this beautiful piece of land, owned by people who have the most reason to resent visitors on their tiny piece of remaining land, have a very welcoming message. It is a short stroll to the first beach. Please take time to consider the generosity of the native people who have made it available.


    Whistler & Blackcomb mountain

    The famous whistler mountain doesn't need much of a description, it's an obvious destination of choice if you're planning on visiting BC. Whistler and Blackcomb combined offer days of exploring all the runs and the peak 2 peak gondola has breathtaking views. Like all the big mountains, there are a variety of activities to suit everyone's capabilities and a good ski school for all ages. Because of its size you will want to stay a few days.

    Deborah Jones

    Vancouver's closest local mountain, located on the north shore just 15 minutes from downtown. Many activities to do (obviously skiing and snowboarding) snowshoeing, sleigh rides, iceskating, zip lines as well as the famous 'skyride' which is an aerial tram. There's also a wildlife refuge and a few dining options, you're sure to get some fantastic views of the city from either the slopes or the restaurant.

    Deborah Jones

    Places To Eat

    Tree House Cafe

    Tree House Cafe is great, everyone knows about it, and you can't miss it in the middle of town next to Mouat's. The thing which makes this place special is the live music in the evenings. Excellent choice of entertainers.

    kizmit Galleria/cafe

    This is a quirky wee eatery. It is mostly built from bits and pieces of demolition material, but it is arty, not scruffy. The garden is lovely and the food is great. Not a big selection, but it is yummy. In keeping with the arty feel there is a Hundertwasser-type toilet. It is a composting toilet with straw and is more stylish and cleaner than the "real" Hundertwasser toilets in Vienna and New Zealand I have been in.


    If you are spending only a short time in Ganges, you probably won't see Barb's Bistro. It is tucked away. Hunt it out. It will be crowded with those in the know, especially at breakfast time. The food is great and the staff are too.


    A very 'cool' restaurant that has a menu of organics and locally grown or raised food. Specialty cocktails that you wouldn't find in your standard restaurant. A great place for a special night out.

    Deborah Jones

    Yaletown brewing company

    Nice casual dining, good fresh beer, food and service (most of the time). They often have the hockey on if there's a game so bear that in mind. A great place to go and chill out with some friends or for a causal dinner out.

    Deborah Jones

    Traveller Tips

    Stay a long time

    We stayed three weeks on Salt Spring Island, and it wasn't long enough. There are no tourist "activities" unless you want to hire a bike. The island is perfect for strolling around, visiting artists' studios, walking, hiking, sleeping. Don't aim to do anything, just soak up the life of the island.


    Facts about British Columbia

    Tax and tip

    If you're not from North America or a tipping country it takes a bit of getting used to, also where you're supposed to tip! Standard tip is 20% of the bill, you have to in restaurants obviously but also for services like haircuts or nail services (which you're technically paying only for the service to begin with). All the prices shown in stores exclude tax so when you get to the checkout it's always more than what you were thinking.

    Deborah Jones

    Very rainy

    Vancouver has the most mild climate of all the cities in Canada, downtown you won't find much snow but you will see a lot of rain! On the bright side, it's not too windy so umbrellas are a useful staple. You can pick up a cheap one from many shops along Robson street, the main shopping street.

    Deborah Jones

    Most multicultural city

    35% of Vancouver's population are foreign born which is the highest figure in the world

    Deborah Jones


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