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    Gran Museo del Mundo Maya

    A great quite new museum, a bit outside of the town. It's huge and flows well. It starts with the natural history of the Peninsula and then goes backward through Mayan history.

    Paseo de Montejo

    This is the main street full of really nice european style houses. Wonderful architecture everywhere and heaps of art for sale. It's very busy but on Sundays from 8:00 A.M. through 1:30 P.M. one side of the Paseo is closed for traffic, so families can ride their bicycles or roller skate.


    This is the oldest Spanish school in Manuel Antonio. You learn in a family environment as well as in the classroom. The school is located in a beautiful setting with views of the ocean and surrounded by tropical trees.


    Kids Saving the Rain Forest is an Animal Sanctuary that does so much to help injured and abandoned animals. It offers guided tours which allow visitors to experience dozens of animals as monkeys, sloths, porcupine and birds. Well worth it and nice to know that your fee is going towards the animals.


    Places To Eat

    Bistro Ave Del Paraiso

    Surprisingly good Thai food. The curry is very good and you can choose the degree of spiciness. A nice change from Mexican food.

    This is a lovely vegan restaurant attached to a hotel. They offer a set menu each day for a set price. Amazing food, it was a Japanese theme, on the night I visited and good service. If you're vegetarian or vegan this place is a must


    Located in the Santa Lucia square. Nice busy atmosphere, great food and service. There is a weekly serenata show as part of the city's community events which takes place just outside. If you make a reservation ahead of time, you can enjoy the show from their covered outdoor space.


    Tried this Italian place as it's directly opposite El Grande Escape/Runway Grill on the marina. Very good food and service. I recommend the breakfast pizza.


    In a new location at the marina, it's also called the Runway Grill. Amazing seafood and the manager is super friendly. The service is impeccable. Try to get there for sunset.


    Traveller Tips

    Explore the Grutas de Calcehtok

    These caves were only discovered quite recently so are not too touristy. iThey don't have illumination, so that you go into the caves with the flashlight of your guide - a great experience. It has huge vaults and interesting formations.


    Visit La Selvita Park

    This rainforest has waterfalls, exotic vegetation and animals. There is also a few attractions like zip-lining if you want to spend some money.


    European Space Center

    Amazonie & technologie - that's the melting pot you will discover in Kourou. A jewel of sophistication in the middle of the rain forest.

    Kelly & Juan Lucas


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