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    Cathédrale Notre Dame, Paris

    What an incredible cathedral! There was a large queue but it went fast and we got to see the breath-taking stain glass windows! Worth visiting!

    A lovely exhibit situated in a stately old building. The miniatures are like architectural photography in 3D.


    This park is incredible with a great range of attractions. Zoo, flower gardens, beautiful walks and a boating lake.


    It is an opportunity that costs nothing to view this impressive building and gardens. The entire site takes up a couple of blocks.


    The architecture of the palace is worth a visit alone. The exhibition of traditional religious art is mind blowing.


    Places To Eat

    le Neuvieme Art Restaurant

    The atmosphere is great, the decor is modern and trendy. The food presentation is very innovative and done with a lot of taste.

    This restaurant was a bit out of the way but it's worth finding it. The service is exceptional and the food was cooked perfectly. Great meal for a decent price.


    A family run restaurant in the middle of town. Incredible food and simply the best service.


    At this place you get amazing food at a great price all while sitting out doors in one of Avignon's most lively squares.


    A wonderful wee restaurant but very busy so you must book. Everything from the starter over the main course to the dessert is prepared with high quality ingredients and a lot of attention is paid to details.


    Traveller Tips

    Explore Quartier Renaissance Saint Jean

    Mainly pedestrian, this is the largest area of the Renaissance period after Venice. You can walk around and admire all these Renaissance buildings (16th century).


    Check out Rocher des Doms

    Climb up to this lovely park after your visit to the Palace for a great view of the river and the Pont d'Avignon. There are some interesting botanical specimens and it's a good spot for a picnic.


    Must see the Gare de Limoges

    The front of this building is one of the prettiest train stations in France. It's worth checking out.


    Explore the Jardin Japonais

    The Jardin Japonais is garden paradise in the centre of Toulouse. The have created a very nice park with kiosks, small lakes and rivers It is an ideal place to relax.


    Visit Plateau des Poetes

    A beautiful park and wildlife reserve in the middle of Beziers. It has great walks, water features and thousands of different birds.


    Facts about France

    The Loire Valley, Far from the Maddening Crowds

    Conflans sur Anille is a small village at the entrance to the Loire Valley, and near the little Loir river, far from the heavy tourist zone of the main Loire Valley cities. It lies less than 2 hours drive West of Paris, in the middle of bucolic countryside, between Le Mans, Tours and Chartres, not far from Vendome.

    Countess Marnie de Vanssay

    River Runs Through

    The river divides itself at the entrance of Vendôme, intersecting it into numerous different arms, this is evident all over the city.

    Laura Thomas

    Summer Months

    Antibes is very busy in the summer, mainly with French families. In the evenings, everyone is out at the many outdoor restaurants in the old part of Antibes and in Juan les Pins.

    Laura Thomas

    Palace of Popes and Other Historical Attractions

    When the popes moved from Rome in the Middle Ages, the city of Avignon became the capital of Christendom. This is evident in the architecture around the city.

    Laura Thomas

    Perfume Capital

    Grasse is known as the perfume capital of the world! There is a huge flower farming industry here due the the micro climate in Grasse.

    Laura Thomas


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