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    Photos of France


    Cathédrale Notre Dame, Paris

    What an incredible cathedral! There was a large queue but it went fast and we got to see the breath-taking stain glass windows! Worth visiting!

    The Louvre is one of my favorite places that I have ever visited. I only had a few hours and saw more than I can remember, but the Venus Di Milo, and Mona Lisa (despite being underwhelming) were worth seeing. I could have spent days in the sculpture section and some of the oil paintings took up entire walls, truly spectacular! Go, but give yourself ample time as this place is massive.


    Skiing in the Alps near by in Val D'Isere

    Lyon is in easy travel of some of the world's best skiing. Get a train from Lyon to Bourg-Saint-Maurice and then 20 minutes on a local bus up to Val D'isere. It's beauty is simply stunning and the skiing is amazing.

    Laura Thomas

    Places To Eat

    Le Relais d'Antan

    Countess Marnie de Vanssay

    The best gourmet Auberge of the little Loir Valley, in the picturesque village of Lavardin, near Conflans sur Anille. Most every guest of Chateau de la Barre dines there at least once during their stay. Chef Paul van Gessel formerly won 2 Michelin stars at Le Petit Nice in Marseilles, before settling down in the peaceful little Loir Region

    In one word, WOW. We were recommended this restaurant and it was great! Highly recommend.

    Laura Thomas

    With one side of the street lined with clothes stall and the other with every kind of food imaginable, this brasserie gets the big thumbs up!

    Laura Thomas

    Traveller Tips

    A Walk Around the Left Bank

    Walking around the Left Bank especially the area of Saint Germain is great for soaking up the atmosphere of Paris.

    Laura Thomas

    Best épicerie

    If you don't want to eat at one of the restaurants or cafés, there is a great little grocer's shop with everything you could want. Loved the paté.


    Facts about France

    The Loire Valley, Far from the Maddening Crowds

    Conflans sur Anille is a small village at the entrance to the Loire Valley, and near the little Loir river, far from the heavy tourist zone of the main Loire Valley cities. It lies less than 2 hours drive West of Paris, in the middle of bucolic countryside, between Le Mans, Tours and Chartres, not far from Vendome.

    Countess Marnie de Vanssay

    River Runs Through

    The river divides itself at the entrance of Vendôme, intersecting it into numerous different arms, this is evident all over the city.

    Laura Thomas

    Summer Months

    Antibes is very busy in the summer, mainly with French families. In the evenings, everyone is out at the many outdoor restaurants in the old part of Antibes and in Juan les Pins.

    Laura Thomas

    Palace of Popes and Other Historical Attractions

    When the popes moved from Rome in the Middle Ages, the city of Avignon became the capital of Christendom. This is evident in the architecture around the city.

    Laura Thomas

    Perfume Capital

    Grasse is known as the perfume capital of the world! There is a huge flower farming industry here due the the micro climate in Grasse.

    Laura Thomas


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