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    Cathedral Church of the Most Holy Trinity

    WOW - an ordinary looking cathedral from the outside but inside an architectural wonder. Close to the town,close to the sea and wonderful staff.

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    Veda Authentic Indian Restaurant

    Veda certainly meets the standard for authenticity of Indian food. Very tasty! It's also a spacious venue which leaves you with some privacy and room to relax.

    Republic Bar & Grill is the most authentic yet arty Ghanaian hangout. Great food and music and interesting people. A place you must visit when in Accra.


    Very authentic Lebanese food in Accra . It is one of those restaurants where you will feel good . Great food and very friendly staff.


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    Wander along Kokrobite Beach

    It's an hour by bus from Accra to this beautiful beach. There is a few restaurants, shops and a wee resort.


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