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    Photos of County Cork


    Ballycotton Island Lighthouse Tours

    A 10 minute ferry ride to the island. Explore the lighthouse and see the views from the summit. A must if visiting in Bally Cotton or touring Ireland.

    Amazing cathedral and incredible spirals and architecture. It's gothic style structure sits right in the centre of the city so it is easy to find. Free entry and leaflet tell you all about the history of the cathedral.

    Laura Thomas

    Ballyhass Lakes Activity Centre, Fishing & Wakepark

    This is an activity centre with still water trout fishing, waking boarding and other water sports and activities like abseiling, zip line, archery and rock climbing. Brilliant! Big thumbs up!

    Laura Thomas

    Great fun to try some traditional Irish sports! Great thing to do if your in a big group. Suitable for all ages and abilities. A well organised place!

    Laura Thomas

    What a great evening of traditional Irish music, singing and dancing. This place has some amazing reviews and they do not lie!

    Laura Thomas

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