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    The cathedral is a majestic building. Its location is perfect, right on the river. It is walking distance from Eyre Square in the centre of Galway.

    Area Island Ferries makes a trip to the Aran Islands from Galway easy. Their bus leaves from Eire Square and drops you at the ferry. The journey from port to port is very comfortable and scenic.


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    The Quay Street Kitchen

    A very very busy restaurant even slightly cramped. Nice staff, lovely tasty food. Not the cheapest place in town but worth every penny.

    Situated in Galway town centre serving beautiful seafood. Good quality nice meals with a great choice in traditional dishes. The service is also good.


    This restaurant is buzzing. Extremely busy most nights so you must book. The food is excellent. Service fast and the staff are very friendly.


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    Walk along Salthill Promenade

    Salthill Promenade is just over a mile long on the edge of Galway Bay in Salthill. It's a beautiful beach and you can look across the bay the mountains of the Burren and County Clare.


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