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    The Colleseum, Roman Forum & Palatine Hill

    The one ticket gives you access to all three of these archeological treasures and its worth devoting a day to explore them properly. Awe inspiring.

    St. Peter's Basilica

    We couldn't miss this one. The Vatican, St Peter's square and fountain, wandering round them is an interesting experience of chills and awe. I really can't describe it other than it's a mistake to not visit for at least an hour.


    Monastero dei Benedettini

    I thoroughly suggest taking a guided our around here, the monastery is beautiful, and our guide was very knowledgeable. We even got to go into some parts that were not open to public access. It's interesting to see and learn about the changes that had to be made during an earthquake and when lava flowed through during an eruption nearby.


    Ecstasy of Saint Teresa

    Stunning. Absolutely stunning. There is so much detail in everything - carvings, banisters, staircases... The sculpture of Saint Teresa doesn't look like it could be made of hard marble, her clothes look soft and fluid. The church itself is a masterpiece, don't just rush through here.


    The architecture and frescoes are absolutely wonderful. An easy walk from Piazza Erbe and close to several other worthwhile churches.

    Charlotte & Tim

    Places To Eat


    Ia perfect location not far from the Spanish Steps, Life specialise in a quirky modern take on traditional Italian dishes, with an emphasis on luxurious ingredients such as black truffles and fresh lobster.

    Tenuta del Gelso

    A beautiful winery and restaurant. Ariana taught us all about their wine making process and we took a walk though the orange orchard. We sat at a window and looked out onto the vine yards while we ate. Our lunch was delicious, especially the sweet, juicy oranges we got to taste.


    La Porta Del Principe

    This place is so beautiful and romantic. Coming from a guy, I know, but it was juts fantastic sitting outside in the garden with the restaurant in the background, softly lit and ivy crawling up the walls. The staff were very nice and made us feel special even though there were many other couples and groups eating that night.


    La Prosciutteria

    It was very busy when we arrived, but we were lucky and got a table pretty quickly. It was a perfect way to end the day, having a meat and cheese platter and a couple of glasses of wine. It's not a fine dining experience but the rustic kind of atmosphere makes it better.


    Fine dining right near the Vatican with friendly staff and a crisp minimalist decor. Fresh seafood-based dishes are their specialty.

    Amy Turner

    Traveller Tips

    Stay overnight at Orvieto

    Ovieto is a beautiful town, teeming with tourists during the day. But by night, they've got into the buses and gone. Stay a night or two to enjoy Orvieto without the throngs.


    Take the kids and explore Rocca Maggiore

    Built originally in the late 12th Century it has been restored and rebuilt a number of times from its original German design. The castle offers breath taking views of Assisi and the surrounding areas.


    Visit Marina Piccola

    This lovely wee marina is worth finding. The village has some cool cafes which play live music at night.


    Check out the roman ruins under Biblioteca Salaborsa

    Old Roman roads are underneath this library. The roman roads and ruins can be viewed through the glass floor or you can go down stairs and walk through them on an elevated path.


    Book in advance

    Because there are so many tourists in Rome, it's a good idea to book tickets in advance if you don't want to spend hours waiting in line to see the most popular attractions. Sometimes advanced bookings earn discounts too!


    Facts about Italy

    In the shadow of a mountain

    Catania lies under Mt Etna and has experienced a number of devistating lava flows and earthquakes because of it. However, the entire old part if town was rebuilt in a beautiful Baroque style... with lava!


    Oval shaped roads of Panicale

    Panicale is a beautiful hilltop town, and its roads follow an oval shape around the hill.


    Perugino, Renaissance artist

    Citta della Pieve is a very beautiful town, and was home to the Renaissance artist Pietro Perugino. Many of his works can be seen in the town.


    Mineral Springs of Parrano

    Parrano is a beautiful medieval town, and one of its unusual attractions is the mineral springs used for hydrotherapy.


    Main piazza of Todi

    Todi is a very beautiful town. Most of Todi's impressive medieval buildings face onto the main piazza.



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