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    Photos of Italy

    Facts about Italy

    Oval shaped roads of Panicale

    Panicale is a beautiful hilltop town, and its roads follow an oval shape around the hill.


    Perugino, Renaissance artist

    Citta della Pieve is a very beautiful town, and was home to the Renaissance artist Pietro Perugino. Many of his works can be seen in the town.


    Mineral Springs of Parrano

    Parrano is a beautiful medieval town, and one of its unusual attractions is the mineral springs used for hydrotherapy.


    Main piazza of Todi

    Todi is a very beautiful town. Most of Todi's impressive medieval buildings face onto the main piazza.


    Norcia's Walls

    The older central part of Norcia is completely surrounded by walls which have been there sine 14th century, in spite of a number of devastating earthquakes



    San Pietro

    San Pietro is a very old (999AD) church and abbey. Besides being beautiful itself, it is houses Perugia's second most important art collection

    Chiesa Nuova is a moving place to visit. It has a very small cell said to be the place where St Francis was imprisoned by his father for giving his possessions away, and also a cellar which was an original part of his family house.


    Traveller Tips

    Cycle around Elba

    Porto Azzuro is a perfect place to stay on Elba, and you can get to know the island by biking to secluded beaches. The island is only about 200 sq km so once you have your favourite spots you can get there easily by bike.


    Marble caves

    The marble caves are a must-see.


    Bagni di Lucca

    Lucca is a famous walled tourist town, but when you have had enough of the crowds take a 30 minute trip into the hills to Bagni di Lucca. It is cooler, calmer, greener, and you will find charming accommodation. No big hotels, but a few charming pensioni.


    Puccini's house in Torre del Lago

    For Puccini nuts I recommend a trip to see his house at Torre del Lago Puccini. The house looks out onto the lake which is now very polluted. Puccini left the house eventually because the surroundings had deteriorated. In spite of this the house which is now a museum is well worth a visit


    Stay overnight at Orvieto

    Ovieto is a beautiful town, teeming with tourists during the day. But by night, they've got into the buses and gone. Stay a night or two to enjoy Orvieto without the throngs.



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