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    Photos of Nelson-Tasman


    Centre of New Zealand Walk

    Laura Thomas

    What a walk! Brilliant views and I managed up with a baby in a buggy! Highly recommend doing this is walk in Nelson!

    Lovely platters and wine tasting, worth driving out to sit in the stunning surrounding of the vines.

    Laura Thomas

    Places To Eat

    Boatshed Cafe Restaurant

    Such an amazing setting right on the water. Watching the sunset was truly lovely and won't be forgotten!

    GREAT coffee! I had one coffee then had to have another!

    Laura Thomas

    Great for a light bite and loved sitting out in the street in the sun!

    Laura Thomas

    AMAZING food for a great price. The owner is the head chef and his food is just perfect. What a lovely place! Highly recommend!

    Laura Thomas

    Delicious smoked fish - highly recommend!

    Laura Thomas

    Traveller Tips

    Maitai River

    There are lots of swimming holes in the Maitai River. Ask a local to point you in the right direction of them and cool off in the river!

    Laura Thomas

    Cable Bay Walkway

    If your planning on a day trip to Cable Bay there is a great walk that takes you from the 1st car park right to the top of the hill. Great hike, with some steeper areas at times and worth it for the view at the top!

    Laura Thomas

    Facts about Nelson-Tasman

    Cafe Culture

    New Zealand is known for it's cafe culture and the city of Nelson lives up to that! Great cafes in this town!

    Laura Thomas

    Growing Area

    Picking apples for a season in Motueka was brilliant fun. The area is a big growing area of pip fruits like apples and kiwis as well as hops and green tea.

    Laura Thomas

    Abel Tasman Climate

    The Abel Tasman National Park has a mild climate so it's great anytime of year! Also great for walking!!

    Laura Thomas

    Abel Tasman Coastal Walk

    The Abel Tasman Coastal Walk takes 3-5 days and is very gentle easy walk.

    Laura Thomas

    1st Cable Link with Australia

    The bay takes it's modern name from New Zealand's first overseas cable link to Australia, which was opened on 21 February 1876.

    Laura Thomas


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