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    The Heart of Cape Town Museum

    This tells the story of the first Heart Transplant Surgery carried out by Professor Christiaan Barnard in 1967. The museum is located on the original grounds and still has the original equipment The tour is very informative - highly recommended.

    Stunning, stunning views from the top in all directions. Amazing!

    Laura Thomas

    By far the most amazing tour I have ever done! We were taken around the prison by a guard who had actually been imprisoned there at the same time as Mandela. I was blown away by this and was very intrigued by him. The prison itself is now a well kept part of history and was deeply moving. If your in Cape Town this is a must. Laura

    Laura Thomas

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    Beautiful food in a down to earth restaurant. Great variety of flavors and textures, charming staff and great location.

    SA's biggest fast food chain Nandos are everywhere in Cape Town and are really reasonably priced.

    Laura Thomas

    The food was heavenly, the service was impeccable, and the atmosphere (we were sitting outside) was glorious. An absolute must for food lovers visiting Cape Town.


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    Get to Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve.

    The Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve is a lovely reserved area that is scenic and left to nature. It's a stunning drive and there is a rugged coastline you can walk to.


    Facts about Western Cape

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    Quiet Sundays

    I found all shops are closed on Sundays unless they are situated at the V & A Waterfront or Canal Walk or Tyger Valley.

    Laura Thomas

    Brilliant Vineyards

    Just outside Cape Town there are stunning vineyards here in Stellenbosch. Highly recommend. Definitely worth a tour!

    Laura Thomas

    Pinotage Wine

    Pinotage originates here is SA. It is a cross between Pinot Noir and Hermitage and is SA's signature wine.

    Laura Thomas


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