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    Photos of East Sussex


    Pelham Beach

    A beautiful stretch of beach and just perfect for a walk, picnic or simple to park up and read a good book in the summer sun! If visiting in Winter it is also beautiful too but be sure to wrap up warmly!

    This is a great museum and has free entry into see a wonderful collection of treasures and wonders! I highly recommend going and having a whole afternoon here! Great Place!

    Emma Smith

    This is a beautiful beach. Truly unspoilt and a stunning walk along the beach. Highly recommend!

    Emma Smith

    Places To Eat


    Brilliant fish and chips and very large portions of fish which is great (and not the norm!!) and we had a great dinner here and have to say if you want a good chippy dinner you must come here!

    Great breakfast's here and the coffee is stunning! I highly recommend this place for an all round 10 out of 10. The food, atmosphere and service all were tip top!

    Emma Smith

    Facts about East Sussex

    The Name Hastings

    The name Hastings come from a battle that took place here in 1066 between King Harold's English and William the Conquerer's Normans.

    Emma Smith


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