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    An award-winning contemporary art museum with usually a couple of special exhibitions as well as a fairly impressive permanent collection on revolving display. Entry is free to most area.

    Beachy Head & The Seven Sisters

    A series of dramatic white chalk cliffs, beginning right on the South-West end of Eastbourne. With Beachy Head (the first cliff from town) being the largest chalk sea cliff in Britain, these are arguably more stunning than the more famous White Cliffs of Dover! There is a vast amount of walking and cycling paths from which to see the cliffs - both along the beach and along the gentle downs parkland up top.

    Charlotte & Tim

    This is a great museum and has free entry into see a wonderful collection of treasures and wonders! I highly recommend going and having a whole afternoon here! Great Place!

    Emma Smith

    A beautiful stretch of beach and just perfect for a walk, picnic or simple to park up and read a good book in the summer sun! If visiting in Winter it is also beautiful too but be sure to wrap up warmly!

    Emma Smith

    This is a beautiful beach. Truly unspoilt and a stunning walk along the beach. Highly recommend!

    Emma Smith

    Places To Eat

    Deliciously Gorgeous

    The name says it all! Absolutely scrummy lunches at very reasonable prices, real Italian coffee and a wide selection of teas. But it is the sweet treats that Deliciously Gorgeous excel at - both the cake, hot chocolate and smoothies in store and the specialty chocolates and sweets for sale.

    Miss Walls Back Garden Vegetarian Cafe

    Obviously catering to those who want vegetarian/vegan food, it also has great options for those after a gluten-free, raw food or just generally super-healthy munch! But it is all so tasty that even those used to more decadent fare shouldn't be disappointed. The fresh, airy decor and small garden courtyard - both replete with living plants - perfectly compliment the healthy food.

    Charlotte & Tim

    While, as the name suggests, this is mainly a wine (and cocktail) bar they also do really delicious lunches at a reasonable price. Well worth a visit!

    Charlotte & Tim

    Great breakfast's here and the coffee is stunning! I highly recommend this place for an all round 10 out of 10. The food, atmosphere and service all were tip top!

    Emma Smith

    A cute and cozy cafe just back from the waterfront in St. Leonards-on-Sea. Scrummy food with gluten-free options a speciality.

    Charlotte & Tim

    Facts about East Sussex

    The Resort of Choice for Marxists

    Eastbourne was a favourite holiday spot for Karl Marx and and Frederick Engels, the authors of the Communist Manifesto. So much so that Engels insisted his ashes be scattered at Beachy Head.

    Jenny Brown

    The Name Hastings

    The name Hastings come from a battle that took place here in 1066 between King Harold's English and William the Conquerer's Normans.

    Emma Smith


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