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    Scarborough Castle

    Scarborough Castle has a rich 3000 year history as an Iron Age Fort, Roman and Viking settlement and a medieval castle starting in the reign of Henry II. It has lovely grounds and amazing views of the Yorkshire coast, and be sure to check out the graveyard where Anne Bronte is buried.

    A beautiful Oriental-esque Edwardian park with Japanese gardens and a pagoda lake, as well as a fair amount of natural woodlands. Peasholm Park is situated in the quiet residential north end of Scarborough and stages traditional entertainment such as molk naval battles and brass band concerts in summer, or just an oasis of tranquility at any time of year..

    Katy Ryan

    Scarborough Beach

    This beach is really lovely anytime of the year! Great place and perfect for dogs too!

    Emma Smith

    Places To Eat

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    Daisy Tearooms

    A beautiful garden to sit in on sunny days, friendly attentive staff and absolutely scrumptious food. Bookings are not essential but maybe wise over summer if you don't want to be disappointed.

    Calf Cafe is completely vegan, selling delicious animal-friendly versions of most standard cafe fare at very reasonable prices. Not only this, but the place is run completely by volunteers, with all profits helping to fund an animal sanctuary.

    Katy Ryan

    An art gallery and specialty book store that also happens to be an excellent cafe serving top notch sandwiches, salads and light meals.

    Jenny Brown

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    The world's largest railway bench seat

    The bench seat on Platform 1 of Scarborough Railway Station is the longest platform seat in the world.

    Katy Ryan


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