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    Welsh Speaking

    Nearly 80% of the Ammanford's population are competent in speaking Welsh!

    Laura Thomas

    Llandrindod Market

    Llandrindod is a busy market town, holding an open-air market once a week on a Friday.

    Laura Thomas


    Swansea can reach well into the 20's in summer but bring your umbrella. Swansea is officially the UK's wettest city!

    Laura Thomas

    Speaking Welsh

    Wales's second largest city is pronounced "Swon - zee" in local dialect!

    Laura Thomas


    Cardigan Castle

    Lovely old Castle and cheap to get in. Not much to it so don't expect a big castle as this is more of ruins than anything.

    An outdoor activity company that can offer you a whole spectrum of activities to have a go at from sea and river kayaking, surfing, rafting, coasteering and more..

    Laura Thomas

    Mwnt Beach

    A famously known place to spot dolphins from the beach so take binoculars! Lovely little beach and a great picnic spot.

    Laura Thomas

    A Bay To Remember Wildlife Boat Trips

    Almost guaranteed to see dolphins. Great boat trip on a beautiful bay! Booking can be done over the phone and the staff are really friendly and will tell you what to bring along with you!

    Laura Thomas

    Small and beautiful little place. You get given a free ID tick sheet for viewing the butterflies. Kids will absolutely love this place!

    Laura Thomas


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