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    Genesee Country Village & Museum

    This place is awesome! It's a large area that seems to have been paused in time - especially with everyone dressed up and playing authentic games. We saw a civil war re-enactment and learnt all about the ways of the 1880s. There were many live demonstrations and the oldest brewery in the country.

    Great wines and great wine tasting. We knew nothing about wine before we walked in there and left feeling like we had learned something about what we drink! Great Place!

    Laura Thomas

    It is a small but fun amusement park with rides for kids of all ages. There is also a games arcade which is open all year round.

    Charlotte & Tim

    This museum displays the history of what once was in Atlantic City. It's located at the northern end of the boardwalk. Its free to enter and it is done very well.

    Jenny Brown

    Nice little museum near the drawbridge with an excellent exhibit on Great Lakes shipwrecks. Staff are helpful and friendly, and the gift shop is a lot of fun.

    Charlotte & Tim

    Places To Eat

    Jimmy's HideAway

    Casual and cosy, this was quite hidden away! We all enjoyed our meals and were lucky to get in without a reservation as it got quite busy - obviously it's a favorite for locals and tourists alike.

    Sweet Pea Natural Market

    This is a spectacular place, delicious and guilt free! Everything is fresh and organic, made with local produce. Stop by for smoothies like we did, or try the juice or sandwiches.

    Danny V.

    The Garage Eatz

    Formerly an old auto garage, Eatz likes to keep food natural and authentic. The Mozzarella Chicken was absolutely divine, big ups to Dave (my NY friend) for recommending it! If I lived there I would definitely be a regular!


    I'm not a vegetarian but we went along to try is restaurant as we had read some great reviews on the place. It was BRILLIANT and opened our minds to cooking more veges! A must!

    Emma Smith

    You can't get much better than delicious home-made ice cream on a warm, sunny day. Chocolate Oreo and brownie a la mode go town an absolute treat. For those with not so much of a sweet tooth, there is pistachio, banana, coffee and more.


    Traveller Tips

    Commercial Street

    The downtown center is a great boutique shopping experience. Take a walk and explore the many unique shops in the area.


    Lots to do at Hampton Beach

    If you like to be busy, mingling with the crowds, shopping etc Hampton Beach is for you. It feels frantic, and that is how a lot of people like it


    Bike trails

    No matter how old or fit you are you must beg, steal or borrow a bike and take one of Burlington's bike trails. They link with each other so you can explore a lot of the Burlington area at your own pace.


    Pretty town to stroll around

    Just strolling around Woodstock will give your spirits a lift. It is a very pretty town. The shops are attractive, there is a large variety, cafes are great.


    Must visit the United States Botanic Garden

    This is one of the oldest indoor botanic garden in North America and is also a living plant museum. It's a vast garden and divided into different sections. The garden is uniquely amazing and educational for all ages.


    Facts about United States of America

    The artistic center of Arizona

    Sedona has had a reputation as artistic destination since the great surrealist painter Max Ernst moved here in 1950, with many more famous artists following. Today there is a thriving artist colony and the city is home to over 40 art galleries.

    Charlotte & Tim

    Buffalo Bill

    Buffalo Bill started working at age 11 when his father died, and he became a rider for the Pony Express when he was 14.



    Thomas Jefferson's home, Monticello has 500,000 visitors a year.


    Juniper trees

    Cedar City was named after the local trees that the settlers thought were cedar, but are actually juniper.



    The German residents of Fredericksburg often refer to it as Fritztown.



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