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    Cape Cod Maritime Museum

    The museum was interesting and informative, the best part was sailing "Sarah" an 1886 catboat replica. After 20 minutes and some instruction, the Captain handed over the control and we sailed around ourselves. Great fun!

    A true pirate museum! Based around the ship Whydah and her treasures, the exhibitions are truly astounding, especially for the young maties(the boys) who had a fantastic time


    Race Point Beach

    We had a morning of fun here, lazing in the sun and swimming. The water was nice and clear and the dunes looked great.


    John F. Kennedy Hyannis Museum

    Originally home to one of America's most famous families, the Kennedy Compound is an area with the houses they used to live in, along with a museum dedicated to John F. Kennedy. It was interesting wandering round and learning about the family and their history.

    Danny V.

    Gray's Beach

    A long boardwalk and lovely beach! great place to see the sunset, take your camera it really is stunning!

    Emma Smith

    Places To Eat

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    Jimmy's HideAway

    Casual and cosy, this was quite hidden away! We all enjoyed our meals and were lucky to get in without a reservation as it got quite busy - obviously it's a favorite for locals and tourists alike.

    Tea heaven! We had a few cups here and took some products home. Think berry almond, orange chocolate, sakura allure green tea, cacao mint black tea... there are so many different types and blends.

    Danny V.

    A lovely place with fantastic views, it was interesting to learn about the storms that have battered the shops in the past - I guess there's good and bad points to being so close to the water. The menu was full of delicious food, as well as the great kid's menu, much to the delight of the boys.


    Lewis Brothers Homemade Ice Cream

    There's something about homemade ice cream that makes it so much more enjoyable there are a lot of different flavours - even alcoholic ones for adults! We all enjoyed our ice creams while walking along the MacMillan Pier.


    Pizza Barbone

    One of the best pizzas of the trip! The crushed potato was something I'd never had before, and I loved it. Who knew potatoes went on pizza?

    Danny V.

    Traveller Tips

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    Commercial Street

    The downtown center is a great boutique shopping experience. Take a walk and explore the many unique shops in the area.



    Mashpee is steeped in history. The indigenous people originated here. This included the historic Algonquian-speaking Wampanoag, who encountered the English colonists of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

    Emma Smith

    Did you know?

    Barnstable takes it's name from Barnstaple, Devon in England UK!

    Emma Smith

    Facts about Cape Cod

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    The Name Sandwich

    Sandwich is named after the seaport of Sandwich, Kent, England.

    Emma Smith


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