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    This little Museum is located above the Roman Bath house.There is a lot of history about the springs and you can even buy bottled Berkeley Springs spring water.

    The park's natural spring is used for the mineral baths and there are other therapeutic treatments on offer. Definitely recommend this Roman bath house for a soak and then a wander around the well kept park.


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    I liked this restaurant for its value and down-to-earth atmosphere. It's known for it's barbeque dishes, and they are very good.

    A high end restaurant serving organic and locally sourced produce where possible. The service is top notch and a friendly atmosphere. Spectacular view overlooking the Potomac River valley.


    A little more expensive than average for Berkeley Springs but it's worth it. Creative food, good atmosphere and great service.


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    Hike up Prospect Peak

    A beautiful hike that takes you to a peak nearly one thousand feet above the Potomac River. Panoramic views of the area not available from any other view point.


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