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    1 Bed & breakfast in Córdoba

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    Museo Palacio Ferreyra

    This is a great art museum to check out. Not only the art but also the building's architecture. They always have several great exhibits along with permanent pieces

    Beautiful old church in the central district. Great architecture. Beautiful stained glass. Near other attractions. Worth the stop

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    Al-Malek is a classic Arabic restaurant, with a great menu. The food is typical meals from different Arabic countries. It gets really busy so worth booking ahead.

    A very nice restaurant. The food was excellent quality with some great wine. I recommend the salmon.

    The decor, the service, and the food are perfect. They use fresh ingredients. The food is made with love. You can tell because every bite makes you happy.

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    Check out Manzana Jesuitica

    Be sure and take the guided tour in English, as it gives you access to parts of the complex you could not otherwise enter. Lots of history within these walls, and beautiful architecture

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