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    437 Bed & breakfasts in Australia

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    St Kilda Beach

    We took a lovely bike ride along the coast from here to Half Moon Bay, stopping for a swim on the beach. Later that night we came back to sample the nightlife we'd heard so much about, and wasn't disappointed. Metropol Bar and Cushion Lounge were the two we visited and had a good boogie. Wednesday in Cushion Lounge is $5 pizza night!

    We were lucky to be part of the 100th anniversary and witness Novak Djokovic defend Rafael Nadal after 5 hours and 53 minutes - whew! Even if you aren't a tennis fan, go for the atmosphere and try spot some famous faces in the crowd.

    A surprisingly lovely little botanical gardens/nature reserve just a short walk from town. It is largely Acacia trees and desert shrubs, but these are gorgeous when in bloom. And the Bean Tree Cafe located in the gardens has some of the best coffee in NT!

    Usually has around 5-6 exhibitions on at a time, showcasing either classic or contemporary art from Queensland, Australia or the world. It also has a great permanent collection of regional works. Also worth a visit just for the beautiful historic building.

    We took the "Around Island Whale Search" and had a whale of a time! though it cost us $110 each, it's a great deal considering the cruise took four hours and we were treated to a complimentary morning tea and lunch. As well as the beautiful Southern Whales, we saw seals, albatrosses and dolphins. Don't forget your camera and/or binoculars!

    Places To Eat

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    The Goat in the Boat Restaurant

    An interesting name for a wonderful, welcoming place. Maria greeted us warmly as soon as we arrived and made us feel right at home. We both chose the souvlaki and could tell it was made with love. Want to know how it got its name? You'll have to ask Maria yourself!

    Heaven for those with a sweet tooth. This was the best ice cream we found in Melbourne, I must admit we stopped there a number of times! There are so many different flavours - from the traditional to Baileys, salted caramel, Nutella, walnut and pear cheesecake... I could go on!

    Tucked in the back of an Irish shop in a the gorgeous heritage area of the Rocks, The Tea Cozy serve a good old-fashioned Devonshire tea, with loose leaf tea in vintage teapots (including cosy of course!), and fresh homemade scones with regional gourmet jam.

    A completely vegetarian cafe with a wide variety of teas. There is a good courtyard area and you can buy teapots and other tea making paraphernalia.

    This is Phillip Island's only craft beer brewery, so don't miss it! The hand-crafted ales are delicious, especially the pilsner. Topped off with chicken parmigiana from the restaurant, it was a lunch I would certainly have again.

    Traveller Tips

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    The Red Decker

    Hop on here for an informative tour of the city loop, Cascade Brewery and Mount Wellington. A hop on/hop off option is available for the city loop. Easy!

    Places of interest in Heathcote

    Check out for more information on places to visit in Heathcote.

    Explore North Head

    Walk from Shelly Bay via the boardwalk. Beautiful views from the top. Take your own food and drinks to save money.

    Check out Sealy Lookout

    Sealy Lookout is about 15 minutes out of town. Amazing views and well worth the trip. Just be aware that the road up is quite narrow.

    Visit Lake Tinaroo

    This is a beautiful lake within the Atherton Tablelands. A variety of water activities are available and a couple of good playgrounds for the kids. A great free day out.

    Facts about Australia

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    Oldest yet finest

    It's no wonder the wines here are great - the Barossa Valley is one of Australia's oldest wine producing regions, and one of the world's finest. You'll be spoilt for choice amongst the 150 wineries there, I know I was!

    National Parks

    The Sunshine Coast region has more national parks than any other region in Queensland. Great Sandy National Park even includes sections on Fraser Island.

    "The quiet part of the Bay"

    The sleepy little seaside village of Soldiers Point is regarded by locals and regular Sydney visitors as the "quiet part of the Bay'...especially around Christmas/New Year & Easter holiday times..!

    Weather Fact

    Perth is not always hot which is often the belief by foreign visitors. During the winter months (June & July), it can get quite chilly. A light overcoat is highly recommended.

    The Lesbian Capital of Australia

    Alice Springs has one of the largest percentage of female same-sex households in Australia and has been home to a vibrant lesbian community since the 1980s.