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    Australian Capital Territory

    7 Bed & breakfasts in Australian Capital Territory

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    National Portrait Gallery

    A small but very good gallery. There is a huge range of from sculptures to digital art. There is an emphasis on Aussie history which I found interesting.

    A very impressive museum in an even more impressive building. It's easy to spend a couple of days here. One of the best things is The Last Post ceremony held each day at 4.55pm.

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    Its a quiet restaurant in Phillip with Bollywood clips playing on the TV screen and a great range of indian food. The staff are terrific and are happy to walk you through their more unusual or authentic dishes.

    The food is really delicious. The chef sources excellent produce - much of it from the Canberra region - which is prepared in a European style with Middle Eastern flair.

    A great restaurant with the option of a 5 course degustation menu. Awesome outside area and great staff. A must when in Canberra.

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    Planned City

    Canberra was built from the ground up in 1908 as it couldn't be decided which city - Sydney or Melbourne should be the capital. It is an unusual city as it was built off plans, and it does have this feel.