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    Northbank Community Garden

    Beautiful gardens totally cared for by volunteers. It's inspiring to see people create such a place of beauty just for the enjoyment of their community.

    A beautiful way to see more of the beautiful Bellinger Valley. Suitable for most ages. The canoes are easy to manage so you don't have to be experienced. You can do an escorted trip or go armed with a map which is supplied and go on your own. Lots of wildlife to see in the trees along the river banks.

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    Oak Street Food & Wine Restaurant

    Oak Street is a great little dining experience. The staff are very knowledgeable and friendly you have a choice of indoor dining or outdoors on the verandah. The menu provides a wide range of choices and the wine list offers similar variety.

    All food is created and cooked on premises. Genuine wood fired/fully Organic breads and pastries and they are absolutely delicious. Service is fast and pleasant.

    Really good gelato from lots of natural ingredients. Quirky décor and fun atmosphere. The coffee is superb and there is a nice wee courtyard.

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    Visit the many cottage industry shops

    For the last few decades Bellingen has been known for it's alternative life-stylers and cottage industry shops. There is a lot of farm shops, galleries and alternative products for sale from the farm gates.

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