4 Bed & breakfasts in Newcastle

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    A well kept fort and free admission, which I always like. Tunnels to explore and great views over Nobbys Lighthouse and the Newcastle.

    Situated on the hill behind the central business district of Newcastle, this Anglican Cathedral is worth visiting, if only for its views of the city. The building itself is impressive and also contains the city’s principal war memorial. The Cathedral Shop is staffed by enthusiastic volunteers and is open Monday to Saturday.

    A perefct family place, with lots of wild animals and plenty of space for kids to play. Great walks, and it is free, apart from parking which is very reasonable.

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    Paymasters Restaurant

    Paymasters stands out because the menu is interesting and honest, it is not over-priced and the staff are excellent. There is a really nice balcony upstairs with a view of the foreshore.

    This place is a hidden gem of Newcastle. The people were wonderful and the food was absolutely delicious!! The place has a warm welcoming feel and is unpretentious.

    A small restaurant, you'll need to book well in advance, particularly on weekends. I enjoyed the tasting menu - a fine mix of materials and tastes served in an attractively and thoughtful way. Very pricey.

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    Largest coal exporters in the world

    Newcastle is the largest coal exporting harbour in the world, exporting over 100 million tonnes of coal per year.