Alice Springs

    5 Bed & breakfasts in Alice Springs

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    Olive Pink Botanical Gardens

    A surprisingly lovely little botanical gardens/nature reserve just a short walk from town. It is largely Acacia trees and desert shrubs, but these are gorgeous when in bloom. And the Bean Tree Cafe located in the gardens has some of the best coffee in NT!

    This is an amazing experience and the guide Kangaroo Dundee is passionate about kangaroos and this place. If you can do the dusk tour, the light is great for photos and the animals seem in a better mood. You must book, there is a 'no pop in' policy.

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    A completely vegetarian cafe with a wide variety of teas. There is a good courtyard area and you can buy teapots and other tea making paraphernalia.

    Another restaurant in Alice Springs attached to a hotel. Good food but again average service. A good place to experience unusual meats such a kangaroo and camel.

    A nice Indian/Thai restaurant located a bit out of town in a large hotel.
    The food is very good but the service is average. Still, one of the better place in Alice Springs.

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    The Lesbian Capital of Australia

    Alice Springs has one of the largest percentage of female same-sex households in Australia and has been home to a vibrant lesbian community since the 1980s.