8 Bed & breakfasts in Cairns

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    Cairns Regional Gallery

    Usually has around 5-6 exhibitions on at a time, showcasing either classic or contemporary art from Queensland, Australia or the world. It also has a great permanent collection of regional works. Also worth a visit just for the beautiful historic building.

    The Cairns gardens are thought to be the best in the country. There is a good cafe and also a few art galleries next door. They are open each day from 7.30 till 5.30. It's very easy to spend the whole day here.

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    Vivo Bar and Grill Restaurant

    A beautiful place situated right by the beach. The sea breeze floats through the palm trees. One of the nicest settings ever. The food is really good and the menu changes throughout the day. The staff are friendly and helpful. There is a set price dinner menu which i always find a bonus.

    C'est Bon is a lovely french restaurant. The menu is authentic and the wine list extensive. The service was even better than the food. There is an outside seating area with secluded tables away from the foot traffic.

    A cool restaurant with a buzzy vibe. The food is good but a bit expensive. It's really busy so you should book if you want seats near the front or windows.

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    World's most dangerous bird.

    The Cairns region is home to the world's most dangerous bird, the Cassowary, which is a large, flightless bird known for being able to kill dogs and humans if disturbed.