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    This place is amazing! The building dates back to the 19th century and had a lot of old architecture and beautiful designs. We spent a whole day shopping and looking around, even finding the, er, "Mall's Balls". With over 700 stores, there is something for everyone and certainly worth the drain on your wallet.

    Free to enter and view the nine collections, we all learnt something here and enjoyed wandering through all the displays. The place itself used to be an asylum (upon hearing so, my father tried to book me in) and was Australia's first museum of "the social history of migration in Australia". My favourite displays were the clothing and migrant hostel.

    You can drive right down onto the beach here, but the best spots are down further away from the crowds. Probably the best beach we visited in Adelaide, we spend most of the day lazing about, reading and picnicking. Even dad came in for a swim with us all.

    The tram is a fum and cheap way to see much of Adelaide. It is worth taking a ride to Glenelg for a coffe or lunch, and the taking the tram back to the city where you can hop off and on near any attraction you want to. All day ticket is only a few dollars.

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    Their Facebook page describes Chakey Kim as a pastry goddess, so we had high expectations when we walked in... and very full stomachs walking out! The pastries are made fresh daily so the shop smells delicious. Croissants, sandwiches, coffee all go down a treat. Yum!

    Though I only had butter chicken and cheese naan (predictable, I know,) I couldn't find fault with anything - and that's not because I'm biased and love Indian. Mum, who is vegetarian loved the selection of entrees and meals too. The restaurant was well presented and we were looked after very well, even though it was quite busy.

    I can assure people a place is good if my dad likes it! Typically a picky eater, even he branched out and ordered Garithes Saganaki. The atmosphere was friendly and warm, especially with the fire going and the bubbly staff.

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    Accessible Adelaide

    Allegedly any point inside the city limits (think airport, city centre, beaches) can be accessed within 20 minutes, making the area easy to travel through, especially on buses or the tram.

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    Australia's opal capital

    As the capital of South Australia (itself the opal capital of Australia), Adelaide is a popular place to shop for the beautiful stone. Buy it in stone form or crafted into rings, necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry.