10 Bed & breakfasts in Hobart

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    Tasmanian Transport Museum

    Trains, trams, buses, fire engines, the boys loved them all, especially the few that were open to be walked through. A great Saturday afternoon activity, and there was plenty to see and learn about.

    Hartz Mountains National Park

    Though a bit of a drive out (2 hours) it's worth it. The scenery is very "Tassie", we took that to mean beautiful and unique. Though we only made it about halfway up to the peak, we were still treated to great views of the surrounding area. Don't forget a national park pass! They're just $10 per car for a day.

    Two hours of fun! It was hard to tear the boys away at the end of the session. We were looked after very well, being kitted up with camouflage gear and getting to choose our own "gun" each. The playing field is set in a massive area of bush with heaps of places for hiding and ambushes. Would certainly recommend to anyone of any age.

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    Machine Laundry Cafe

    What an interesting setup - one part laundry and one part cafe, and it works! The place was buzzing the whole time we were there. The atmosphere is funky and retro. While the boys tucked into pancakes we enjoyed an eggs Benedict and French toast. Yum. We were lucky to get a table (we didn't book) but even people who were too late were looked after and accommodated.

    After being told a number of times to eat at Taco Taco, we finally tracked it down on Brisbane st one evening. Wow! Combinations and flavours are spot on, especially that pulled pork... For a long time afterwards I could not get the "taco taco tummy yummy" tune the boys had created out of my head.

    The name is deceiving, they not only do amazing soups but Indian curries and street food as well. We ate here a couple of times, first having lunch then some light bites the next afternoon. Everything we ate was delicious, even the boys (who can be fussy) enjoyed their curry and lassi.

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    The Red Decker

    Hop on here for an informative tour of the city loop, Cascade Brewery and Mount Wellington. A hop on/hop off option is available for the city loop. Easy!

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