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    10 Bed & breakfasts in Launceston

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    National Automobile Museum of Tasmania

    What an impressive collection! We were lucky to see the Vintage Years theme - think Austin 7, Desoto Coupe and a beautiful 1925 Moon Roadster. The boys and I were entertained and enthralled the whole two hours we were there, they especially loved getting to sit in the bright yellow E49 Charger.

    Even though it was raining, that didn't stop us from mini put... mainly because the whole course is indoors! 18 holes of challenging putting, glowing hallways and cartoon landscapes, plus the boys had a turn in the mirror maze and on the bouncy castle. They couldn't stop smiling, and we had a great time too, even though my putting skills are non existent.

    A 200 meter dive off an 18 meter cliff? Ok! A hang glider is attached to a wire for a controlled flight over nice scenery. We all had a go and the boys loved it. For $15/20 each, it was a great experience at a reasonable price. We all felt safe and secure.

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    While we had fantastic coffee, the boys got a bit of a culture shock - "those are big CDs dad!". Doubling as a music/record shop, it was great to hear vinyl being played again and the groovy, retro atmosphere was the cherry on top.

    Step in and take a step back in time to have dinner at a Victorian Georgian inn. Dive into the salad bar and feast on a steak perfectly cooked by Josh or Chris. We came here after the boys saw it when we drove by, and entertained us with their overactive imaginations about how they would dine "in jail". While we weren't shackled or cuffed, I would happily go back!

    Unfortunately when we ventured in here (being dragged by the boys) the place was so busy we were unable to get a seat. But we were served with smiles and the boys were treated to a number of free samples. We all love chocolate, so this was heaven for us! We came away with a few bags of chocolate coated things (almonds, macadamias, licorice) while the boys had a hot chocolate and choco-pop.

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    Old Launceston

    Because Launceston is one of the oldest cities in Australia, there are heaps of beautiful historic buildings - check out the Launceston synagogue, Albert Hall and the post office.