13 Bed & breakfasts in Melbourne

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    St Kilda Beach

    We took a lovely bike ride along the coast from here to Half Moon Bay, stopping for a swim on the beach. Later that night we came back to sample the nightlife we'd heard so much about, and wasn't disappointed. Metropol Bar and Cushion Lounge were the two we visited and had a good boogie. Wednesday in Cushion Lounge is $5 pizza night!

    We were lucky to be part of the 100th anniversary and witness Novak Djokovic defend Rafael Nadal after 5 hours and 53 minutes - whew! Even if you aren't a tennis fan, go for the atmosphere and try spot some famous faces in the crowd.

    You could spend a long time in here - we did! There are so many stalls selling everything from food and drinks, souvenirs, clothing, toys, apparel, flowers, pets, technology, manchester.... pretty much everything. There are even tours available for those really interested in the history of the place.

    The tour of the Old Melbourne gaol during the day is very informative, with an excellent guide, but the night time hangman's Tour is on a comletely different level. Not only do we get the fascinating stories, but also get the creepy scarey atmosphere of the gaol, lit only by candlelight. Highly recommended.

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    Il Dolce Freddo

    Heaven for those with a sweet tooth. This was the best ice cream we found in Melbourne, I must admit we stopped there a number of times! There are so many different flavours - from the traditional to Baileys, salted caramel, Nutella, walnut and pear cheesecake... I could go on!

    After eating here we couldn't go without a cooking class, and what a great choice! The chef that taught us was reserved by a great teacher. We all got a certificate and a glass of wine afterwards. Everyone loved the seared prawn salad I served when we got home!

    I hear it's been re-named as "The Serve" but you'll still find the same friendly faces and delicious food there. Don't miss out on the roti beard or the tikka masala

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    Secret bars

    There are secret bars hidden away all over the city - ask a friendly local for their favourite. Try The Secret Garden on Fitzroy Street or Howler on Brunswick Street.

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