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    Phillip Island

    4 Bed & breakfasts in Phillip Island

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    Wildlife Coast Cruises

    We took the "Around Island Whale Search" and had a whale of a time! though it cost us $110 each, it's a great deal considering the cruise took four hours and we were treated to a complimentary morning tea and lunch. As well as the beautiful Southern Whales, we saw seals, albatrosses and dolphins. Don't forget your camera and/or binoculars!

    Take a wonderful, relaxing walk through native bush and view wild koalas in their natural habitat. There are two walks: the Tree Top Koala Boardwalk and the Woodland Tree Top Walk. They are both easy and we did both. It's a shame we couldn't get too close to them (they are wild) but we saw quite a few along with wallabies and beautiful birds in the treetops.

    We had to stop by the most visited/famous place on the island! The visitors centre/museum was interesting and we watched a few people undertake the BMW driving challenge - some better than others!

    You can't "do your own thing" to see the penguin parade. It is necessarily an unavoidable commercialised process. But it is worth doing in spite of this. The thrill of seeing so many littlepenguins making their way to their nests only inces from you has to be experienced. Ask when buying tickets for the best place to sit. Some places will see more from a distance, others will see fewer, but up really close.

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    The Goat in the Boat Restaurant

    An interesting name for a wonderful, welcoming place. Maria greeted us warmly as soon as we arrived and made us feel right at home. We both chose the souvlaki and could tell it was made with love. Want to know how it got its name? You'll have to ask Maria yourself!

    This is Phillip Island's only craft beer brewery, so don't miss it! The hand-crafted ales are delicious, especially the pilsner. Topped off with chicken parmigiana from the restaurant, it was a lunch I would certainly have again.

    Himalayan Herbs Restaurant

    It's not often we find a good Indian and Nepalese restaurant, but this place is fantastic! We came here for dinner one night and enjoyed our curries while watching the sunset. I would totally go back just for the chicken tikka. Delicious.

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    Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix

    Thought of as one of the best places in the world for Moto GP, thousands of people visit Phillip island each year on their own machines, watch the racing on track and attend the many shows held. It's always held in mid October, so visit then if you're a real bike fan.