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    Margaret River

    4 Bed & breakfasts in Margaret River

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    Eagles Heritage Wildlife Centre

    It was great to see so many beautiful birds being looked after and properly cared for here. We took an hour long tour around the park, pausing for a bit for the show. My favourite part was getting to have an owl perch on my arm, and the raptors really put on a show for us.

    There are three popular caves to visit; Lake, Jewel and Mammoth. We did a tour of Lake Cave, the deepest of the three. Our guide was really knowledgeable about the formation, history and geology of the cave, and we were treated to a spectacular light show as well. While amazing, it was a bit daunting to see the "suspended table" weighing about 5 toes and defying gravity above the lake.

    10/10 - would get lost again! I put my terrible direction skills to the test and had a blast doing it. There are a few mazes to choose from along with the large main maze. I recommend the "left hand turn" maze. There are also botanic gardens to view and a cafe with coffee and a light lunch available.

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    The Larder Margaret River Restaurant

    This place caught our eye while walking - it was early evening and we weren't sure whether to eat out or make something for ourselves. Turns out the Larder is the best of both worlds! A number of take-away meals were available, in the end we chose pumpkin and almond ravioli and the Margaret River Venison shepherd’s pie. Both were delicious as we ate them back on the banks of the river.

    La Scarpetta Trattoria is a converted heritage house with a charming atmosphere and equally charming Italian staff. I had gnocci then tiramisu for dessert, matched with a beautiful local wine that I forget the name of. If you get a chance, have a chat to the part-owner Tom, he's Irish but speaks fluent Italian.

    We stopped in here for a few drinks and some tapas, drawn in by the lively atmosphere and cheerful banter going on around us. It's named "Morries Anytime" because it's the only all-day, any time eatery/restaurant/pub/cocktail bar in Margaret River.

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    Going swimming?

    Even though the ocean around here is lovely, it's pretty cold - even in summer! Bring a good, thick wetsuit if you're going to be spending a while in the water.

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    Burning of the Vines

    Many wineries often host “burning of the vine cuttings” bonfires to celebrate a successful year of growing and production. This is a traditional way to celebrate the end of the wine growing season.