6 Bed & breakfasts in Perth

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    St. Mary's Cathedral

    We popped in for a quiet reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the city, but ended up staying longer than intended. The Cathedral is beautiful, with newer renovations fitting in with the older parts of the building. We sat for a while and listened to the choir practicing and looked at all of the designs on the walls and ceilings.

    Running between the Hay Street Mall, and St Georges Terrace, London Court is a retail walkway and very narrow arcade, adorned with ornate window boxes, crests, gargoyles, and moulded ceilings. It was built in 1937 by Mr Claude de Bernales, a wealthy mining entrepreneur. The multi storied Tudor style facade, creates the impression you are in another era. The detail in the carved woodwork, and facades is quite extraordinary.

    This historic ring of bells was given to the people of Western Australia as part of the national Bicentennial celebrations in 1988. The 12 bells ring beautifully.

    The best bit here was the elevated walkway, strung above the trees in the botanic garden. We could see as far as Swan River and across the city. We even saw one guy proposing to his girlfriend, they were surprised to hear lots of claps and congratulations from above! Take your time here, there's so much to see.

    I love surfing, and Trigg Beach was a great pace to do it, especially near Trigg point as directed by some of the nice locals. There were a few people there when we went, swimming snorkeling and just enjoying the sun. next time I'll remember to keep applying sunblock....

    Places To Eat

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    Kent Street Deli

    Out of all the eateries in Rockingham, this place was the best. Juices in jam jars? Interesting... but the peachy keen smoothie I had was to die for. We were lucky to have another sunny day so we made the most of it by sitting outside and enjoying the sun. Topped off with the pear and raspberry bread, it was a great mid-morning snack.

    What a unique menu.. it took a while to decide what I wanted because it all looked so good. Even if you don't eat there, the coffee is amazing. We sat outside and enjoyed thick pancakes for breakfast. It gets quite busy, but the food is worth the wait.

    Southern Star Vietnamese Restaurant

    We ended one of our days eating Vietnamese while looking out onto the Swan River. Unfortunately the weather could have been better but the food and friendly staff more than made up for it. Thoroughly recommend the shaking beef or red curry duck.

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    National Park Passes

    We found out all National Parks in Western Australia require a pass to get in. You can get passes that last for a day, four weeks or a year. The day pass was only $10 a car, so we were happy to pay that a few times knowing it helps maintain all the parks and conserves the creatures that live there.

    Facts about Perth

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    Weather Fact

    Perth is not always hot which is often the belief by foreign visitors. During the winter months (June & July), it can get quite chilly. A light overcoat is highly recommended.