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    3 Bed & breakfasts in Belgium

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    MIM - Musical Instruments Museum

    The museum is a beautifully appointed art deco building with panoramic views of the city from the higher floors. The concept of being able to listen to the instruments while walking around is great. Admission is free on Wednesday afternoons.

    Great for Art lovers. Some very interesting and beautiful pieces by Flemish Artists. Much bigger than I expected, and your ticket also gives access to a separate gallery with more modern art pieces too.

    A fantastically interesting collection of exhibits in a beautiful old house. Go on a Friday morning and enjoy the auction market selling secondhand household furniture, junk etc in the square outside the museum.

    In a square with so many beautiful mediaeval buildings the town hall is spectacular. The crown jewel of them all, it is truly breathtaking.

    A beautifully decorated church in centre of town. It's just as amazing inside with brilliant stained glass windows and colourful wall paintings - and it's free. I don't know if I believe that the vial holding Christ's blood is genuine or not but I do know it's well worth a visit.

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    Rock Salt Chilli Peppers

    This is by far one of my favourite restaurants in the city. The food is delicious, the staff is so friendly and their gin and tonics are delicious.

    Great food, excellent service and atmosphere. All the staff very friendly and helpful. It's worth having the set menu as the selection of starters are fabulous.

    This is a tiny place but even when crowded remains comfortable. It looks great, the service is very friendly and the food is just perfect.

    Professional and friendly service. Fresh and quality food and wines. Generous dishes with a lot of respect for the flavour of each product.

    This is a really little place, you don't expect it from the outside but it's a charming restaurant with fine dining and excellent wines. very friendly staff and a great atmosphere. It's very busy so booking is a must.

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    Check out The Markt

    Bruges Markt is a large square in the centre of town surrounded by dozens of tourist-oriented gift shops and restaurants. Easy to lose your self for a few hours.

    Must visit Central Station

    It took some years to renovate the station. The architecture main entrance is really impressive. There are a number of cafés and shops, and the trains depart from four different levels.

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