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    1 Bed & breakfast in Bruges

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    Groeninge Museum

    Great for Art lovers. Some very interesting and beautiful pieces by Flemish Artists. Much bigger than I expected, and your ticket also gives access to a separate gallery with more modern art pieces too.

    A beautifully decorated church in centre of town. It's just as amazing inside with brilliant stained glass windows and colourful wall paintings - and it's free. I don't know if I believe that the vial holding Christ's blood is genuine or not but I do know it's well worth a visit.

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    The Olive Tree

    Great food, excellent service and atmosphere. All the staff very friendly and helpful. It's worth having the set menu as the selection of starters are fabulous.

    Excellent family run restaurant with a wonderful host. Real value for money with good sized portions and beautiful presentation.

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    Check out The Markt

    Bruges Markt is a large square in the centre of town surrounded by dozens of tourist-oriented gift shops and restaurants. Easy to lose your self for a few hours.

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