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    2 Bed & breakfasts in Sofia

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    Saint Sofia Church

    A very interesting church in its own right, with very interesting Orthodox artwork. But, before long you will discover that there is a necropolis below the church where you can see more than 50 excavated tombs dating between the 3rd and 6th Centuries. Simply incredible.

    Don't miss seeing this beautiful architecture. It is named after the great Russian saint Alexander Nevski and it is in honer of the Russian people who helped Bulgaria to free themselves from Ottoman empire..

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    Sage Bistro

    Located in a southern rural suburb of Sofia, Sage is not obvious to the passer-by, located over some small shops and with an easily-missable front door. Once upstairs though its charm becomes clear. Nice decor with great menu, wine list and staff.

    It's a wee way from the centre of town but worth hunting out. The food is amazing and very reasonable. It's a cosy environment with friendly staff.

    A very cool wine bar serving tapas. The menu is based on the tapas formula, but it's not the usual spanish formula. They use a wide combination of local produce and ingredients to prepare a rich tapas style presentation menu.

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    Check out Sofia University Saint Kliment Ohidski

    The architecture of Sofia University is really impressive. Located in the centre of Sofia, it is the first and the biggest Bulgarian university. Well worth a look.

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