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    British Columbia

    120 Bed & breakfasts in British Columbia

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    Big white ski resort

    A great mountain to visit for all your winter sports. They have a fun track for the kids to go tubing and a nice little village with restaurants and shops. Lots of 'ski in, ski out' accommodation available on the mountain too. Would visit again.

    Well organised, good collection of exhibits and easy to tour. It's a large and varied museum, covering many of the aspects of BC's history and lifestyles, from wilderness through to modern urban. Centrally located near the waterfront it's easy to get to.

    No matter what time of year you visit the gardens they are a sight to behold. At Christmas time they decorate the entire gardens with lights, simply amazing.

    This little gem isn't so obvious to find, it's tucked away behind city hall. But it's worth searching out. It's really not a big garden, but once you are inside, it totally gives the illusion of being much larger.

    Held on a weekend in the middle of September, the Fall fair is a great outing. The best entertainment is all the local color. Produce and animal displays such as vegetables, eggs, pigs chickens are delightful. The talks by local experts on such things as poultry raising, pickling, etc are a hoot. The fair is like stepping back in time 50 years, and the wonderful thing is that it is all genuine. It is what they do on Salt Spring.

    Places To Eat

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    Ulla Restaurant

    The food is so delicious and flavourful. The service is friendly and everyone is easy going. The restaurant is small, so I would suggest you make reservations especially on a weekend.

    The coffee, sandwiches and service are of the best. Cozy atmosphere and in the summer lots of outside seating. Very happ to help if you have any questions about the menu. Only open in the weekends.

    A beautiful french restaurant. Easy to see why it won this years 'Award of Excellence'. The food was flawless and the staff friendly and competent.

    Outstanding small thai restaurant in Pandosy village. Fresh food, friendly service, great location. This restaurant has become a local favourite.

    A great restaurant serving a range of international food. It's quite hip and very busy so a great atmosphere. They don't take reservations so a wait for your food is quite usual, but worth it.

    Traveller Tips

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    Explore The Inner Harbour

    This is an incredible harbour. It's very busy and is surrounded on three sides by grand hotels, the Provincial Legislature and the museum.

    Head for Waterfront Park

    Keliwna has a nice waterfront and as you walk along there is plenty to do for both adults and kids. There is a playground, quite a deep swimming area and stalls with people selling their products..

    Stay a long time

    We stayed three weeks on Salt Spring Island, and it wasn't long enough. There are no tourist "activities" unless you want to hire a bike. The island is perfect for strolling around, visiting artists' studios, walking, hiking, sleeping. Don't aim to do anything, just soak up the life of the island.

    Facts about British Columbia

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    Tax and tip

    If you're not from North America or a tipping country it takes a bit of getting used to, also where you're supposed to tip! Standard tip is 20% of the bill, you have to in restaurants obviously but also for services like haircuts or nail services (which you're technically paying only for the service to begin with). All the prices shown in stores exclude tax so when you get to the checkout it's always more than what you were thinking.

    Very rainy

    Vancouver has the most mild climate of all the cities in Canada, downtown you won't find much snow but you will see a lot of rain! On the bright side, it's not too windy so umbrellas are a useful staple. You can pick up a cheap one from many shops along Robson street, the main shopping street.

    Most multicultural city

    35% of Vancouver's population are foreign born which is the highest figure in the world