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    Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens

    Beautifully presented and peaceful, we took a great walk around here. There was a woman playing the flute while we were there, so it was good to have some music as we explored.

    Port-Royal National Historic Site

    This was an interesting learning experience to see and feel the history of the late 17th century and hoe the Arcadians lived. The reconstructed fortress was furnished well and all the guides were dressed in period costumes.

    Both theme park and adventure park -we were only able to visit the adventure part as the theme park had unfortunately closed for the season. However we still had a blast climbing across obstacles, through the trees and flying down zip-lines.

    Normally I avoid museums, but this is no such thing. It is wonderful to see a working tidal power generation plant. Entrance is free and so is the commentary by a friendly informative guide. Very very interesting.

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    Pearle's in Paradise

    Though a bit out of the way, we stopped by here for an ice cream on the way to the Valley. The servings are both generous and delicious! The restaurant is quaint and friendly, inside and outside dining available.

    We wandered in here after exploring the historic gardens. Heidi and Dieter were wonderful hosts, we even got a strudel demonstration while we enjoyed an afternoon tea of danishes and shortbread.

    We stopped here for lunch while exploring the area, and were so pleased by it we came back for dinner and enjoyed some live music as well. Very friendly staff and delicious food.

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    Small town, kind people

    With a population of around 500 people, it really is a small world here! Everyone is very kind and helpful.