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    3 Bed & breakfasts in Halifax

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    Halifax Citadel

    Not only are there spectacular views of Halifax and a noon cannon fire, but a fantastic museum and wonderful hosts. We thought it would be fun to try the "soldier for a day" experience, and it was awesome! We went back in time and were dressed in authentic uniform before doing foot drills and learning to shoot the original rifles. We took a tour around the Citadel rooms and tunnels - it was truly amazing pretending to be back in the 1800s and receiving our "pay" of a Queen;s shilling.

    Beautifully restored, this ship is full of interesting WWII history. Watch out for mannequins around every corner, they will give you a fright and you will apologize if you bump into them because you think you've bumped into a person. Check out the difference between the living quarters of the soldiers versus the captain!

    The public gardens in the centre of Halifax are a beautiful, quiet oasis. Everything is clean and tidy, including the rest rooms. The roses are incredible

    Apart from n movies, I had never seen an outside skating area nor been on one. It was just as magical as I imagined it to be! It was delightful to see smiling people having a great time and helping each other out when falls occurred. Entry and skate hire are free as well.

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    Sweet Hereafter

    Oh man, don't come here if you're on a diet! This is truly cheesecake heaven. We did come back a few times for dessert, all the cheesecakes we tried were deliciously delectable without being too rich. Kit Kat, black forest, lemon/lime, Boston cream... mmmm

    A delicious and cute Italian restaurant in the middle of Halifax. For $39 you can get an appetizer, entree and dessert, which is great value as well as being tasty. The husband and wife that run it are really sweet and are dedicated to providing quality meals.

    Amusing name aside, I had to add this one and rave about the steak. Perfectly cooked, succulent, tender, melt in your mouth steak. Accompanied by caramelised shallots and fries. Yep. Just try it for yourself and you'll agree.

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    Halifax International Busker Festival

    This is held every year in August and is the largest festival of its kind in Canada. Artists come from all over the world to perform.