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    5 Bed & breakfasts in Charlottetown

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    Confederation Centre of the Arts

    Had a meal at Mavor's then went to Anne of Green Gables Musical. Great seating, great acoustics. Excellent staff.

    What a great place to learn about horses. The centre teaches Western-style riding and everything is done in such an easy and gentle way that anyone can learn to be confident with horses. Experienced riders will have a blast.

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    Leonhard's Cafe & Restaurant

    Nice wee cafe with a nice outside area. Yummy homemade bread and mostly local produce. The coffee was the best I had on the island.

    A cool restaurant in an old pub style building. The food and service are great, but it's quite expensive. Nice lively atmosphere.

    This is a tiny diner style place near the cruise ship terminal. They only do one thing, lobster rolls, and they probably do them better than anyone else in the area. The service is great and very quick.

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    Visit Victoria Park

    This is a nice 160 acre park downtown near the water. It has a playground and restrooms.

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