60 Bed & breakfasts in Quebec

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    Fishing Tremblant

    We all went on a 4 hour fishing trip with Martin (tour guide) and had a great time. I managed to hook a trout, the others caught bass and salmon - a good collection for dinner! It was interesting learning the techniques... turns out there's more to fishing than putting a line in the water!

    This is one of those things you have to see to truly appreciate the immense power and beauty of it. The falls thunder over 83m, 30m taller than Niagara Falls. Take pictures from the cable car and from the suspension bridge you can feel the fine mist of the falls.

    I'm a massive car fan, and when I was told we were going to an open day at Le Circuit, I almost died from excitement! Little did I know, Jack had arranged for me to drive his Toyota Supra around the track... long story short, that was probably my favourite day of the Canada trip. I also got the fastest time of the day out of all the women! Unfortunately the Supra couldn't keep up with the Lambo and Audi R8 a couple of guys had brought, but kept up pretty well.

    Aventures Parc Mont-Tremblant

    Though the ropes course was a challenge (terrified of heights) it was still great, especially looking out at the forest and lake nearby. We also did a zipline/flying fox that lasted for around 2 minutes! The course took around 3 hours and had heaps of challenges and different crosses to keep it interesting.

    The Old City is such a genuine piece of history that you need days to explore it. It is the closes you will get to old Europe without actually going there. Don't die until you have seen Lower Town.

    Places To Eat

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    Creperie Catherine

    This place is so beautiful and homely. The crepes here are just divine... especially the Nutella one I had! Be prepared to pay a bit more, but the taste and size of the crepes make it worth it.

    Microbrasserie Saint-Arnould

    After a day at the circuit we came here for a beer and a hearty meal. Lucky none of us were driving as we ended up trying so many delicious craft beers! We played pool for a bit then for dinner I had ribs and fries, the others enjoyed pizza and hamburgers. the staff were so nice and happy to suggest great drinks according to our tastes.

    An experience in itself! We had a five course meal that was presented so beautifully each time. While a quite pricey, we were there for 2.5-3 hours and it's worth it for the presentation and taste of the food. The staff were very attentive and patient.

    This was a fun dinner, and an interesting experience as I had never had/cooked fondue before. The staff were very helpful and patient. Along with the beef mignon, we went away very happy and very full!

    You need to visit this small ice-cream place, the best ice cream you will ever eat. Friendly staff that are so proud of their product, and they should be.

    Traveller Tips

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    For lovers of autumn/fall

    If sight-seeing is high up on your to-do list, make sure you visit Mont-Tremblant in the autumn/fall months of September, October and November. The trees in the hills and mountains nearby are beautiful when changing colour with the seasons.

    Drum Jam at Mont (Mount) Royal

    Mount-Royal is a nice park which is an extinct volcano. Heaps of walks and green areas and there is also the famous drum jam on Sundays.

    Facts about Quebec

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    The Trembling Mountain

    Local Algonquins referred to the mountain as the "trembling mountain," which is how Mont Tremblant got its name.

    Something old, something new

    Quebec City is home to the oldest grocery store in North America - J.A. Moisan Epicier dates back to 1871. It's ok, none of the food is that old!