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    Quebec City

    4 Bed & breakfasts in Quebec City

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    Montmorency Falls Park

    This is one of those things you have to see to truly appreciate the immense power and beauty of it. The falls thunder over 83m, 30m taller than Niagara Falls. Take pictures from the cable car and from the suspension bridge you can feel the fine mist of the falls.

    The Old City is such a genuine piece of history that you need days to explore it. It is the closes you will get to old Europe without actually going there. Don't die until you have seen Lower Town.

    I've never seen anything like this! The entire building (yes, everything) is made from ice and snow. We too the "Behind the Scenes" tour, looking round the hotel, ice workshop and had a go at making our own glasses. We then took them to the bar and got to drink from our creations - heaps of fun - don't forget your warm clothes!

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    Le Patriarche

    An experience in itself! We had a five course meal that was presented so beautifully each time. While a quite pricey, we were there for 2.5-3 hours and it's worth it for the presentation and taste of the food. The staff were very attentive and patient.

    We came ere while exploring Old Quebec. The restaurant is built into a beautiful old house, and we sat outside and enjoyed the nearby views. The linguini followed by fresh fruit salad went down a treat, the perfect energizer for the rest of our exploring.

    We stopped in and had lunch here one day, the pulled pork pizza was just what we were after! A group next to us were really enjoying their nice looking sandwiches. The atmosphere is warm and friendly, especially while relaxing with beer and pizza.

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    Something old, something new

    Quebec City is home to the oldest grocery store in North America - J.A. Moisan Epicier dates back to 1871. It's ok, none of the food is that old!