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    Central & South America

    386 Bed & breakfasts in Central & South America

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    Wonderful museum of 19th century life. Excellent views of the city from the top. The gardens are as amazing as the building.

    Beautiful building, great collection. Most of the best Latin American painters are displayed here. Also has good movies and a nice restaurant.

    Located in the ancient downtown of the capital city, The national theater is a very special place with a lot of history. It's a great place to go and experience Nicaraguan music and culture.

    Nice art gallery where the newest in classical and contemporary sculptures of many different artists can be viewed. It's a beautiful space with gardens as well as exceptional art .

    It is a beautiful and magical place. I did the the Underground Cave river swim with a partial open sky view. It is about 1 mile, it pays to be in good physical shape.

    Places To Eat

    This is a traditional Nicaraguan steakhouse. The steaks (churrascos) are cooked absolutely perfectly and their service is very good. A little more expensive than other places but well worth it.

    Beautiful seafood restaurant. It is family owned and they treat you like family with great service. Reservations recommended as this is a small restaurant.

    This place is tucked away in the southeast marina. The food and service is wonderful. Really good coffee, which can be hard to find, and I enjoyed their fresh pastries.

    Great atmosphere thanks to the interior and most of all manager Marco, he instantly makes you feel at home with his big, friendly smile and good vibes. He tells everything you want to know about Kava or the other healthy drinks. Also amazing coffee

    Everything here works. It is a beautiful room, backed by impressive service and fantastic food and drink. Try any of the original cocktails as your enjoy some freshly baked breads and look over the impressive menu.

    Traveller Tips

    Check out Quinta Avenida

    Quinta Avenida is a place to visit if you want to hang out and shop around. It's very busy, a true taste of Mexico.

    Relax at Black Lake

    A secluded lake area with nice walks around the lake. The story is that a rich German man that immigrated to that area used to feel homesick. He decided to build this lake which is a replica of the Black Lake in Bavaria.

    Get out to Prainha Beach

    This beach is a bit far from Copacabana and downtown Rio, but it is worth it. It has great waves to swim in and a much less crowded beach. This is frequented by locals and just feels much safer than the main beaches.

    European Space Center

    Amazonie & technologie - that's the melting pot you will discover in Kourou. A jewel of sophistication in the middle of the rain forest.

    Must visit The Old City

    This is a small old city, but well preserved, with many cultural activities and restaurants, as well as historic buildings and churches.

    Facts about Central & South America

    In the beginning...

    Granada was founded in 1524 by Francisco Hernández de Córdoba.