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    6 Bed & breakfasts in China

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    Chi Lin Nunnery

    This place is easy to find and a real gem amongst the noise and mayhem of Hong Kong. It's split into two parts, The nunnery and the gardens. The gardens are open for a larger part of the day, and are breathtaking.

    This museum houses eight permanent exhibits, starting with the geology and ecology of Hong Kong through to current social conditions. It really is a fascinating and really comprehensive insight into Hongkong's past up to the current day.

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    Ho Lee Fook

    A very cool, stylish basement restaurant. The food is amazing, Asian fusion with a very interesting menu. Excellent cocktails and great service.

    A very grand place with amazing views of Victoria Harbour. They do a buffet for breakfast lunch and dinner. The service and food is impeccable.

    A Lovely traditional British pub in a warm, sophisticated atmosphere. Lovely food and a wide range of scotch. It pays to get there early as the don't take bookings and it's very busy.

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    Visit Hong Kong Park

    This is a beautiful park which also has several attractions. It's Reached easily from Admiralty Station and also the Pacific Place mall.

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