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    2 Bed & breakfasts in Paris

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    Cathédrale Notre Dame, Paris

    What an incredible cathedral! There was a large queue but it went fast and we got to see the breath-taking stain glass windows! Worth visiting!

    The Palais Garnier Opera House is stunning. The architecture, detail and design just amaze you. Taking a tour is a must to learn about the history of the building.

    The Louvre is one of my favorite places that I have ever visited. I only had a few hours and saw more than I can remember, but the Venus Di Milo, and Mona Lisa (despite being underwhelming) were worth seeing. I could have spent days in the sculpture section and some of the oil paintings took up entire walls, truly spectacular! Go, but give yourself ample time as this place is massive.

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    Seb'on Restaurant

    The food at this little boutique restaurant is fantastic. Not too fancy, but delicious. The service was lovely, the wine was excellent, and the price was reasonable for Paris.

    This little cosy restaurant has a fantastic atmosphere. Start with a good glass of Champagne and then enjoy the fantastic food. The waiters also spoke very good english.

    In one word, WOW. We were recommended this restaurant and it was great! Highly recommend.

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    A Walk Around the Left Bank

    Walking around the Left Bank especially the area of Saint Germain is great for soaking up the atmosphere of Paris.

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