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    1 Bed & breakfast in Carcassonne

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    A free art gallery with some beautiful paintings which are well restored. Open in the mornings and afternoons as they close for lunch.

    Excellent medieval castle and beautifully recreated. There are a number of shops and boutique cafes.

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    Les Mets-Tisses Restaurant

    A really nice restaurant, convenient to Citadel and City. The food has themed menus based on different countries and is very good, as is the service.

    It's a small restaurant, it has been extremely well decorated and feels warm and cosy inside. The food is amazing and the waiter spoke good english. It's very busy so you need to book.

    Head to the hills and you find this lovely restaurant. There is no menu, you eat what is being served, but the food is delicious and the ingredients of very high quality. The wines are from a limited local selection, but perfect.

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    Head out to Lac de la Cavayere

    This is a beautiful lake with beaches and walks only 20 minutes from Carcassonne. Theres heaps of water activities and free parking.

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