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    5 Bed & breakfasts in Poitou-Charentes

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    Parc Zoologique du Reynou

    A laid back type of zoo, laid out in the grounds of an old manor house.Plenty of animals to see And you can see them being fed at various times of day.

    A great, well thought out museum. The staff are very friendly and it's free entry into the main gallery.

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    La Cadole de Limoges

    A nice wee wine shop that does a perfect cooked lunch. They also do dinner but a reservation is a must.

    This wee busy cafe serves the best steak and chips. Nice buzzy atmosphere with great service.

    A lovely restaurant serving regional products of excellent quality. Very good food for a very reasonable price. Good wine-list and professional service.

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    Must see the Gare de Limoges

    The front of this building is one of the prettiest train stations in France. It's worth checking out.

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