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    15 Bed & breakfasts in Greece

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    Diros Cave

    Over 5km of subterranean caves. You experience this stunning scenery from a half hour boat ride.

    This really is an impressive water park. Great rides, well organised and helpful staff. There are bars and restaurants. The prices are also reasonable.

    A beautiful building displaying artefacts from the Cycladic islands.The exhibition is spread over four floors of, each on a different theme.

    A small church on the top of mountain. Loads of steps to climb but an amazing view.

    A new museum in an aristocratic family home from the 19th century. Admission is 5 euro per person an includes a tour in english.

    Places To Eat

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    O Barba-Petros

    This place is tucked down a side lane in the old part of town. Food is very tastily cooked in old fashioned Greek style.

    A really busy, funky small place. Great food, great beer, great prices. A must.

    Really good gelato with 50 unique flavours. It not only has ice cream but also very good coffee and products such as chocolates and honey.

    Wonderfully fresh and well prepared food, professional friendly service. Delightful. Close to the highway so easy to get to.

    A good restaurant with a good choice of authentic local food. Nice wine and a busy atmosphere.

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    Check out Paradise Beach

    This is said to be the best beach in the middle of the Ionian Sea. You have to see it if you visit Corfu Island.

    Explore Filopappos Hill

    Located Southwest of the Acropolis, this is a wonderful park in the middle of Athens. Lots of walks with great views and ancient sites to explore.

    Get to Tsambika Beach

    This is very nice sandy beach worth travelling to. Parking is easy and then its a short stroll across the sand or wooden walkways to the sun-beds.

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